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the right fit for companies

of all shapes and sizes


employee attitude surveys

that adapt to any environment

our survey platform was designed to adjust according to the needs of any situation. we take pride in the fact that we have the most flexible offerings of any employee survey provider in the world.

at the beginning of a project our survey advisor will work with you to cater every aspect of our service to your specific needs.

our survey & reporting software works in any workplace setting:





medium sized businesses

less than 50 employees

with multiple locations

50 - 250 employees




with multiple locations

250+ employees

not sure if our product works for you?

our team will be happy to discuss your needs and explain our services in detail

contact us

limitless options

we can adjust our software in order to accommodate a wide variety of settings.

our most common employee survey

customizations typically include:

Past Surveys

We will help you design the best employee attitude survey possible.

To do this we will import your past results and review your questionnaire to ensure that it includes all the key drivers of employee engagement.

Questionnaire Alterations

We offer 3 different types of base questionnaires as well as the ability to design an employee attitude survey from scratch.

A sample online employee survey can be found here.

Reporting Capabilities

We will perform a full needs assessment to design the most appropriate reporting for your company.

More information on employee attitude survey reporting options can be found here.

Survey Deployment

You can choose from any combination of email invitations, text messages, offline tablets, smartphones or paper surveys.

Survey Invitations

We offer a variety of invitation options for you to choose from: personalized emails, general web links or password protected employee survey links.

Scale & Question Options

Although most employee attitude surveys utilize a 5 point scale we can accommodate any likert scale (10 point, etc).

We also offer the ability to include 35+ different types of questions to your employee survey.

Survey Topics

We will work with you to create the idea employee attitude survey that covers the necessary themes for your organization.

Employee Engagement Metrics

Utilize advanced employee engagement metrics like engagement indexes, employee NPS (Net Promoter Scores), & benchmarking.

Advanced Survey Features

Benefit from advanced functionalities like skip logic, randomization & piping.

Added-Value Extras

Gather valuable information by asking additional questions on HR topics like benefit preferences, sales conference activities of other corporate activities.

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