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Advantages of Investing in
Employee Engagement Surveys


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Flexible Employee Engagement Surveys

Professionally Managed Service
Database Management
User-Friendly Interface
  • Professionally Managed Service
    We handle the time-consuming aspects of your survey rollout You drive results with actionable insights and next steps
  • Database Management
    Seamlessly integrates with any internal HRIS database systems As your employee engagement survey provider, we handle database maintenance to ensure reporting accuracy
  • User-Friendly Interface
    No additional training or complicated logins are required for administrative staff Respondents will be able to participate in the Employee Engagement Survey without any prior training
  • Fully Customizable Surveys
    We provide you with our recommended Employee Engagement Survey questions to suit the needs of your organization Our questionnaire templates are based on industry best practices for Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Accessible Survey Taking
    Our Employee Engagement Surveys are designed to be accessible to people with a diverse range of abilities Surveys are accessible to respondents on all devices (mobile/tablet/desktop) and can be screen reader optimized
  • Scalability for Organizations
    We cater to companies of all sizes, from startups to global enterprises Our Employee Engagement Survey packages include unlimited responses regardless of company size
Fully Customizable Surveys
Accessible Survey Taking
  • Survey Design
    User-friendly interface to optimize survey participation Intuitive design tools for creating visually appealing surveys
  • Multi-Language Support
    Capability to offer surveys in a variety of different languages Accommodates diverse international workforces
  • Mobile Compatibility
    Surveys are optimized for all mobile devices or tablets Respondents can complete their surveys anytime and anywhere

Employee Engagement Surveys
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Employee Engagement Survey Insights

  • 100% Confidentiality
    Employee Engagement Survey responses are completely secure and only accessible to the respondent Reporting segments are only provided for groups of a predetermined minimum sample size
  • Security and Compliance
    Ensures that your Employee Engagement Survey complies with relevant data protection regulations Flex Surveys offers full GDPR compliance as well as local data encryption
  • Data Integrity
    We ensure accurate, consistent and reliable data throughout your Employee Engagement Survey Our employee survey tool ensures survey responses are heavily encrypted and access is not permitted
100% Confidentiality
Security and Compliance
Data Integrity
Real-Time Feedback
Data Analysis
Historical Trend Analysis
  • Real-Time Feedback
    Instant access to survey participation and overall analytics Enables leadership to receive live feedback and take immediate action
  • Data Analysis
    Results are presented in a visually appealing and easy to understand format Response distribution is analyzed to identify significant trends
  • Historical Trend Analysis
    Capability to track changes in engagement levels over time Historical data identifies patterns and provides actionable insights
  • Employee Segmentation
    Segment survey results by employee demographics, departments or any other criteria Provides a deeper analysis to understand engagement levels across the organization
  • Benchmarking
    Assess your results relative to industry peers and competitors Understand your performance relative to industry standards for a broader context
  • Training and Support
    Comprehensive training resources, user guides and customer support Action Planning tools to help develop Action Plans based on survey results
Employee Segmentation

Team Member Engagement Surveys

Real People, Real Results: See What Our Customers Have to Say

“Flex Surveys exceeded our expectations. They provided excellent Account Management and handled every detail from start to finish. Their analytics and thought leadership with the interpretation of the data was extremely valuable.”

Ron Perry
Mobility Credit UnionPresident/CEO

“Flex Surveys was easy to implement and their customer service was A+. They handled everything from survey design to customized marketing materials to data analysis.”

Launi DeYoung
Verus ResearchHuman Resources Manager

“Flex Surveys took on our project and provided recommendations to help us apply their insights across our organization. We found their feedback to be in-depth and easily understood. They are an invaluable tool in helping analyze any organization.”

Rob Martin
A&R Hospitality Director of Human Resources

“Flex Surveys provided direction in assisting us with launching an employee survey strategy. Their insights are a valuable tool in helping our organization. Lovely team to work with and great product!”

Amanda Langford
Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Executive Assistant

Customizable Solutions Tailored to Your Organization


Everything Required To Launch an Employee Engagement Survey Within a Smaller Company

  • Custom Questionnaire
  • Overall Reporting
  • Participation Tracking
  • 1x Results Presentation
Most Popular


Level Up Your Employee Engagement Survey With a Professionally Managed Solution

  • Employee Census Analysis
  • Results Segmentation
  • Individual Department Reports
  • 2x Results Presentations


Get the Best of Flex With a Detailed Reporting Package and Aftercare Support

  • Detailed Results Segmentation
  • Manager Training Webinars
  • Report Distribution
  • Online Action Planning Tool

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Case Studies

Unlocking Success: Discover Our Clients’ Inspiring Journeys
Delve into real-life stories of organizations and individuals who have transformed challenges into opportunities, leveraging our innovative solutions.

Parkland Fuel

Parkland Fuels Up Their Employee Engagement Strategy

Industry: Oil & Gas
Size: 5,000 to 10,000

Parkland’s main challenge was effectively gauging employee engagement across their vast organization. The company had tried using several different survey tools but found the data gathered was often inconsistent or lacked depth.

The results from the Employee Engagement Survey and custom projects provided Parkland with a wealth of actionable data. They identified areas of strength, such as a strong sense of teamwork and pride in the company, as well as areas needing improvement.

Increase in Employee Engagement


Reduction in Employee Turnover


Increase in Career Development


Surveys for Every Stage of
the Employee Lifecycle


Collecting feedback from new hires, identifying areas for improvement, and enhancing the overall onboarding experience.


Aid employee growth by gathering unbiased data and identifying opportunities for improvement.

360 Leadership

Utilize insights into employee perceptions of leadership, identify areas for improvement, and enhance employee engagement.

Equity, Diversity &

Identify areas for improvement in equity, diversity, and inclusion, leading to a more inclusive and supportive workplace.


Provide valuable insights into employee opinions and needs, ultimately leading to increased engagement and satisfaction in the workplace.


Recognition surveys reward employee achievements, promote engagement and boost morale.

Employee Pulse

These brief and frequent surveys provide a snapshot of employee sentiments, engagement levels, and overall satisfaction.


Provides a safe and confidential way for employees to report misconduct and maintain ethical workplace practices.


Gain access to valuable feedback on employee experiences, identify reasons for departure and improve retention and company culture.

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Employee Engagement FAQs

We have compiled this information as a resource for anyone interested in conducting employee engagement surveys. The answers below reflect our experience in conducting engagement surveys over the past 15+ years. If you have a question that is not answered by our FAQ, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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