We have compiled this information as a resource for anyone interested in conducting a survey with Flex.
The answers below reflect our experience in conducting surveys over the past 15+ years.
If you have a question that is not answered by our FAQ, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

  • General
  • Employee Engagement
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Employee Entrance/Onboarding
  • Employee Exit/Offboarding
  • Leadership 360 Survey
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Recognition Program
  • Whistleblower Tool
  • Employee Pulse Surveys


What makes Flex Surveys so flexible?
How does Flex Surveys differ from a DIY survey software?
How secure is the data collected through your surveys?
How user-friendly is your survey platform?
Can I brand the surveys with my company logo and colors?
Is there a limit to the number of questions or respondents in a survey?
Is there support for multiple question types?
Can I analyze survey results in real-time?
Who is Flex Surveys?

Employee Engagement

Why Do We Need an Employee Engagement Survey?
What Do Employee Engagement Surveys Improve?
Why is Flex Surveys so Flexible?
Why Should We Use Flex Surveys and Not a DIY Platform?
We Have Done an Employee Engagement Survey in the Past, Why Should We Do Another?
What Are the Benefits of a Yearly Employee Engagement Survey?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion survey?
Why are Diversity, Equity & Inclusion surveys important?
What types of questions are included in a DEI survey?
How often should organizations conduct DEI surveys?
What role do DEI surveys play in employee engagement?
How can DEI surveys contribute to long-term organizational success?

Employee Entrance/Onboarding

Why is an Entrance Survey important as part of the onboarding process?
What kind of questions are included in an Entrance Survey?
Who has access to the results of the Entrance Surveys?
How often are Entrance Surveys conducted?
How can we measure the impact of our onboarding improvements?

Employee Exit/Offboarding

What is an Exit/Offboarding survey?
Why should you consider implementing Exit/Offboarding surveys?
What are the key benefits of conducting Exit/Offboarding surveys?
When is the best time to administer an Exit/Offboarding survey?
How can HR professionals encourage employees to participate in Exit/Offboarding surveys?

Leadership 360 Survey

What is the difference between a Performance Evaluation and a 360 Survey?
What is a Leadership 360 survey?
How does a Leadership 360 survey work?
Why is a Leadership 360 survey valuable?
What are the typical competencies assessed in a Leadership 360 survey?
What happens after a Leadership 360 survey?

Performance Evaluation

What is the difference between a Performance Evaluation and a 360 Survey?
What is a performance evaluation?
How often are performance evaluations conducted?
What criteria are used to evaluate performance?
How are performance evaluations used for employee development?
What happens after a performance evaluation?

Recognition Program

How can recognition tools increase productivity?
How does recognition increase employee engagement?
How does employee recognition lower employee turnover?
How can employee recognition result in enhanced company culture?
What can recognition do to enhance employee well-being?

Whistleblower Tool

What is a Whistleblower Tool?
Can employees report any type of concern using this tool?
How does an Employee Whistleblower Tool work?
What are the benefits of using an Employee Whistleblower Tool for organizations?
How can organizations encourage employees to use the tool?

Employee Pulse Surveys

What is an employee pulse survey?
How is a pulse survey different from an annual employee engagement survey?
Why should my organization conduct pulse surveys?
What are some common topics covered in pulse surveys?
What are some best practices for pulse surveys?
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