Design & Build

  • Needs Analysis

    Analyze your current approach and provide recommendations and guidance.


    Needs Analysis
    • Begins with an assessment of your current situation, considering your goals, challenges, and available resources.
    • We work with you to identify gaps in your current approach and develop a customized plan for your organization.
    • Leverage our expertise to provide recommendations and guidance that are effective and practical.
  • Develop Survey Process

    Create a tailored survey process by understanding your unique goals and requirements.


    Develop Survey Process
    • We develop a tailored survey process for your organization by understanding your unique goals and requirements.
    • This includes customizing the survey rollout using your preferred method: email, text, access cards, or paper surveys.
    • We provide translation services in 50+ languages to reach your employees across the globe.
    • Our online surveys intuitively switch languages using location-based automatic browser detection.
  • Customize Questionnaire

    Aligns with industry best practices and global benchmarks to create an effective questionnaire.


    Customize Questionnaire
    • Provides a fully customizable questionnaire template including a variety of question types to choose from.
    • Development of tailored questions, incorporating relevant themes and using appropriate rating scales.
    • Our team ensures alignment with industry best practices, benchmarks, and compliance requirements, creating an effective questionnaire for your organization.

Monitor & Collect

  • Survey Distribution

    Launch your Employee Engagement Survey using our secure, user-friendly survey platform.


    Survey Distribution
    • We send personalized email invitations using your Employee Database to ensure confidentiality.
    • Alternative distribution methods are available including Paper Surveys, Text Messaging, Access Cards & Generic Links.
    • Flex Surveys sends individual reminder emails to your staff by monitoring participation rates and targeting non-respondents.
    • These reminders emphasize the survey’s importance and deadline, encouraging participation and fostering a culture of open feedback.
  • Participation Tracking

    Real-Time participation dashboard provided daily by your dedicated data analyst.


    Participation Tracking
    • Our process includes a live participation dashboard for any number of segments (department/location).
    • A dedicated data analyst will be assigned to your campaign and will answer any questions that you have throughout the process.
    • We do not provide individual participation updates to maintain 100% confidentiality for your staff.
  • Unlimited Support

    Responds to employee questions throughout the survey period via phone or email support.


    Unlimited Support
    • Flex Surveys manages employee questions and resolves any inquiries throughout the engagement survey by providing a dedicated support team.
    • This team addresses inquiries, troubleshoots technical issues, and offers guidance via multiple channels, including email and phone.
    • Timely, efficient assistance ensures a smooth survey experience and maintains employee trust and engagement.
Monitor and Collect

Report & Analyze

  • Import Previous Results

    Previous survey results are imported to provide a comparison to historical statistics.


    Import Past Year’s Survey Data
    • Flex Surveys imports previous year reporting into their system by securely transferring historical data and maintaining confidentiality.
    • Our team ensures compatibility with our reporting platform, standardizes data formats, and verifies accuracy.
    • This process enables seamless integration, facilitating year-over-year comparisons, trend analysis, and comprehensive insights for organizational improvement.
  • External Benchmarks

    We compare your results to similar organizations using industry-specific data.


    External Benchmarks
    • Flex Surveys benchmarks your engagement survey reporting against similar organizations by accessing our extensive database of industry-specific data.
    • We compare your results with relevant peers, identifying key similarities and differences.
    • This contextual analysis highlights your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement, enabling targeted strategies to enhance overall performance.
  • Customize Segments

    We ensure 100% confidentiality by only providing reports for segments above the minimum sample size.


    Customize Segments
    • Flex Surveys works with you to customize employee engagement survey results confidentially by collaborating on data segmentation and reporting preferences.
    • We employ strict security protocols, ensuring data privacy and confidentiality.
    • Our team presents tailored insights that respect privacy concerns while providing actionable recommendations, fostering trust and supporting organizational improvement.

Plan & Act

  • Review Results

    Highlight significant findings, trends and benchmarks during a customized presentation.


    Review Results
    • Flex Surveys presents key survey results by scheduling a dedicated meeting with your organization’s stakeholders.
    • Our experts walk you through customized reports, highlighting significant findings, trends, and benchmarks.
    • We encourage discussion, address questions, and offer actionable recommendations for improvement, fostering a collaborative approach to organizational growth.
  • Develop Action Plans

    Identify areas of improvement, and recommend steps to enhance employee engagement.


    Develop Action Plans
    • We offer the tools and resources to enable your leaders to make effective and impactful action plans to address specific concerns around employee engagement. 
    • We work collaboratively with your organization, prioritizing issues based on impact and feasibility.
    • Our team provides expert guidance, recommending targeted interventions and next steps to enhance employee engagement, satisfaction, and organizational performance.
  • Act on Results

    Guidance on effective communication and implementation strategies for HR & Leadership.


    Act on Results
    • Flex Surveys encourages action plan implementation and updates by offering guidance on effective communication strategies.
    • We help develop clear, concise messaging, emphasizing transparency and inclusivity.
    • Our team supports you in sharing progress updates, celebrating successes, addressing challenges, fostering employee buy-in and creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Results Rollout

  • Custom Training Sessions

    Individualized or group presentations to train leaders on how to interpret their reports & communicate next steps.


    Custom Training Sessions
    • Your dedicated account manager will review the results from the Employee Engagement Survey during a customized session.
    • These sessions can be targeted towards different audiences, HR, SLT, Managers/Staff.
    • The presentations will be customized by your account manager to ensure that the results shared are appropriate for each audience.
  • Report Distribution

    We streamline report distribution by sending customized emails to designated leaders on your behalf.


    Report Distribution
    • Flex Surveys offers fully automated report distribution allowing organizations to disseminate results efficiently to their teams.
    • Your account manager will guide you through the process and ensure that all reports are distributed to the correct recipients.
    • Indicate which report goes to which leader and our software will distribute the appropriate reports.
  • Action Planning & Resources

    Flex Surveys provides access to resources to aid with Action Planning done internally or we can help you launch your Action Plan.


    Action Planning & Resources
    • The Online Action Planning Tool allows employees to document their department action items using personalized links.
    • We provide your team with an Online Dashboard to track the development of Action Items and provide updates on action plan performance.
    • Included within the process are resources containing recommended action plans for each survey question/theme.
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