Surveys for Every Stage of
the Employee Lifecycle


Assist with onboarding by collecting feedback from new hires, identifying areas for improvement, and enhancing the overall experience.


Performance surveys aid employee growth by gathering unbiased data and identifying opportunities for improvement.

360 Leadership

Utilize insights into employee perceptions of leadership, identify areas for improvement, and enhance employee engagement.

Equity, Diversity &

Identify areas for improvement in equity, diversity, and inclusion, leading to more inclusive and supportive workplaces.


Provide valuable insights into employee opinions and needs, ultimately leading to increased engagement and satisfaction in the workplace.


Recognition surveys reward employee achievements, promote engagement, and boost morale.

Employee Pulse

Quick, regular check-ins to gauge employee sentiment, satisfaction, and engagement levels, driving actionable insights for continuous improvement.


Provide a safe and confidential way for employees to report misconduct and maintain ethical workplace practices.


Gain access to valuable feedback on employee experiences, identify reasons for departure, and improve retention and company culture.

What our Clients are Saying

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Black Gold farms


“Flex Surveys is a valuable tool in helping analyze our Employee's Engagement, a great product and a fantastic team to work with. I would recommend it to any business professional looking to conduct an Employee Engagement Survey.”

Black Gold farms

Metropolitan Airports


“I would highly recommend Flex Surveys to any organization looking for a cost effective Employee Engagement Survey solution. Our organization has been very impressed with both the knowledge and level of service provided by their team.”

Metropolitan Airports

Lantana Consulting Group


“We chose Flex Surveys for our first ever Employee Engagement Survey and could not be happier. They took on our project, provided valuable guidance to customize the survey for our unique company, and made it very simple to implement.”

Lantana Consulting Group


“I was involved in the selection and implementation of our Employee Engagement Survey with Flex Surveys. From the beginning I found them to be professional, insightful, and helpful. Flex did an exceptional job reviewing the reports and training us how to best implement them.”


“This was our first experience with Flex Surveys, and it was excellent! The team did an excellent job by providing us with thoughtful and actionable insights into our results. The summary presentations to our partners and employees were both top notch.”


“We chose Flex Surveys because we were looking for an Employee Engagement Survey provider that didn’t require a lengthy or convoluted implementation process yet offered thorough analysis and benchmarking, all for an affordable budget.”


“Flex Surveys has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their ability to thoughtfully listen to our wants and needs and translate them into meaningful, strategic recommendations has been invaluable. Their expertise, responsiveness and professionalism is greatly appreciated.”


“Flex Surveys made it so easy to implement a highly confidential and polished product!  They help manage the entire process even down to our customized marketing materials.  At an affordable price, they gave us strategic advice and answered our questions once the results were in.”

“Flex Surveys exceeded our expectations. They provided excellent Account Management and handled every detail from start to finish. Their analytics and thought leadership with the interpretation of the data was extremely valuable.”


“Flex Surveys was easy to implement and their customer service was A+. They handled everything from survey design to customized marketing materials to data analysis.”


“Flex Surveys took on our project and provided recommendations to help us apply their insights across our organization. We found their feedback to be in-depth and easily understood. They are an invaluable tool in helping analyze any organization.”


“I have used Flex in three different organizations and recommend them for 1) the personal attention provided by the Account Managers, 2) how simple it is to implement, and 3) the phenomenal reporting and graphics that makes it simple to identify improvement areas.”

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Which Product or Service are you interested in discussing?