Recognize and Reward Contributions

This theme measures the level of employee recognition that the organization provides towards employee efforts and achievements.
This theme encompasses both formal and informal recognition.
The existence of a formal recognition program alone does not inherently translate
into a sense of recognition for employees. The results for this theme are often aligned with: I Receive Timely Recognition on the Quality of My Work.

Employee recognition is an important tool for managers’ use to bolster employee engagement, improve motivation, and encourage stronger performance of both teams and individuals.
Proper recognition of efforts and achievements can also help the organization retain
top performers as well as reduce turnover.

  • – Direct involvement with employees
  • – Individual team size
  • – Supervisor/Manager Efforts

Be Specific:
While general praise does have value, specifying the employee action and its positive impact substantially increases the power of recognition. In addition to celebrating team successes, highlighting individual efforts gives recognition efforts more impact.

Align with Core Values:
Recognize behaviors and accomplishments that align with the organization’s purpose and core values. Recognizing areas connected to core values, for
example leadership and teamwork, help clarify the values employees are expected to embody. This reinforces positive behavior and strengthens organizational culture.

Sample Action Items

Implement Regular Recognition Programs

Establish monthly “Spotlight Awards” where employees nominate peers for outstanding contributions, utilizing a transparent selection process and presenting winners with personalized certificates at a company-wide ceremony.

Provide Timely Feedback

Introduce a “Kudos” system where immediate recognition is emailed to employees for exceptional efforts, including specific examples of exemplary behavior and areas for further growth or development.

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Launch a quarterly “Peer Appreciation Day” where employees publicly recognize colleagues’ contributions during team meetings, share commendations on a dedicated Slack channel, and send handwritten thank-you cards to express gratitude.

Offer Personalized Recognition

Create a recognition menu allowing employees to choose between public shout-outs at team meetings, private thank-you notes from managers, or small gift cards tailored to their preferences, ensuring each recognition effort aligns with individual preferences.

Utilize Multiple Channels

Utilize a combination of monthly recognition emails from leadership, quarterly recognition shout-outs at all-hands meetings, and an annual “Wall of Fame” display in the office lobby, ensuring diverse channels for widespread recognition.

Link Recognition to Core Values and Goals

Implement a monthly “Values Champion” award program, where employees nominated by their peers are recognized for exemplifying company values in their daily work, reinforcing the importance of alignment with organizational goals.

Provide Training on Recognition Skills

Host bi-annual workshops on effective recognition techniques, including role-playing exercises and real-life case studies, and offer ongoing coaching sessions for managers to refine their recognition skills and ensure consistency.

Celebrate Milestones and Achievements

Host quarterly “Achievement Galas” where employees celebrate work anniversaries, project milestones, and professional certifications, complete with personalized plaques and company-wide recognition in the quarterly newsletter.

Offer Tangible Rewards and Incentives

Introduce a quarterly “Top Performer Bonus” program awarding high-performing employees with a choice between additional paid time off, professional development stipends, or premium parking spots, incentivizing continued excellence.

Solicit Employee Input

Launch an annual recognition survey to gather employee preferences on recognition methods and rewards, followed by focus groups to discuss survey findings and co-create a recognition program that resonates with employees’ desires and expectations.


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