How to Care For an Infant While Working From Home

Jun 17, 2023
Working From Home

Working from home is challenging under any circumstances, but even more so when you have a new baby. The pandemic has made it very difficult to find childcare, so staying organized and sharing the responsibility between family members is a must. Everything you’ve done in your life has prepared you to take on this new challenge, so don’t worry, you’re going to get through even the hardest days.

Here are some helpful tips for new parents struggling to work from home while also caring for a newborn.

1. Make Friends with Other Parents

Having friends nearby who are going through or have gone through raising children is a huge resource and comfort. If you are having a hard time finding new parents near you because of the pandemic, you can join a ,virtual parent support group where parents just like you will share their stories and offer advice.

2. Work with Your Baby’s Natural Schedule

Instead of trying to get your baby to sleep while you work, write down their natural sleep and nap schedule and plan to do your most focused work during those hours. You can also take advantage of their night sleep by working later hours than you typically would or by getting up earlier in the morning.

3. Take Work Calls on the Go

A great time to take a work call is when you are going for a short walk around the neighborhood with your baby in their stroller. The fresh air is great for both of you and you’ll be able to talk freely without disturbing your baby. Some babies also like riding in the car, so going for a drive might be a good way to make a hands-free call if your car is Bluetooth-equipped.

4. Use a Standing Desk

While your baby is awake, keep them close with a baby carrier or wrap that you can wear while you are standing at a desk. You can gently rock them and know that they are safe bundled up next to you. You can also keep a bassinet or a swing for infants nearby for when you need a break from holding them. Using a standing desk can be energizing for you as well, as it gets your circulation going and supports a more active lifestyle overall.

5. Let Your Baby Win

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to stop a fussy baby from being fussy. Even if you still have a million things to do for work, give yourself a break and tend to your baby until they relax or fall asleep. Don’t beat yourself up for not getting everything done by the deadline you intended; being a new parent is hard and you are doing your best!

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