Your Guide To Senior Management Questions

Dec 04, 2021
Your Guide To Senior Management Questions

In order to accomplish its purpose, any employee attitude survey conducted must include all the components necessary to reveal the true picture of the organization from the employee’s perspective. Not surprisingly, one area of the Employee Attitude Survey that is recommended to always include is a section containing specific questions about Senior Management. These Senior Management Questions are needed to determine the level of trust (or lack thereof) that exists within the organization.

Although the need for Senior Management Questions may seem obvious, there may be times when Senior Management would prefer these questions be left out of the Employee Attitude Survey. However, leaving out the Senior Management Questions could turn out to be a fatal mistake. Consider the old maxim that leadership starts from the top down.
Unless and until the organization can discern the level of trust in Senior Management, the Employee Attitude Survey results will only provide partial organizational intelligence. Furthermore, take a look at the findings by Watson Wyatt, an Employee Attitude Survey company, whose findings clearly show that only around 50% of employees have trust in their Senior Management.

That being said, what specifically does the Senior Management Questions section actually address? If you take a look at the Flex100 you will see that these Senior Management Questions are all about the areas deemed to be of the most concern to employees. For example, look at this sample question: “I believe that top leaders of our company are making the right decisions for the success of the company”. You can see that this question gets right to the heart of the matter. In other words, do the employees believe in the direction the company is heading? Or take this one: “There is a strong level of trust that exists between senior management and employees?” Obviously, this question is directly asking for the employee’s opinion of trust.

As you can see, Senior Management Questions are critical questions to include in your Employee Attitude Survey. At the same time, lest you believe that you will be saddled with a set of Senior Management Questions that don’t fit your organization at all, understand that each and every Employee Attitude Survey here at Flex Surveys is fully customizable.
For example in the Senior Management section of the Employee Attitude Survey, you can customize the survey based on the specific needs of your organization. Additionally, there is the capability to customize the Employee Attitude Survey to fit your specific industry, the size of your company, the number of offices or branch locations and much more.
Conclusion: Conducting an Employee Attitude Survey in a manner that generates the most useful results requires thinking it through beforehand. This pre-planning stage is all about ensuring you select the appropriate questions to include. As demonstrated above, including a section on Senior Management Questions will ensure you are able to accurately assess the level of trust that exists.

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