What Topics Should an Employee Attitude Survey Cover?

Jun 26, 2021
What Topics Should an Employee Attitude Survey Cover?

The success of an employee attitude survey is largely about asking the right questions, so which topics should you be sure to cover?

Any experienced third party survey provider will know that covering the right topics is just as important to the success of an employee attitude survey as maximizing your response rate. In fact, asking the right questions can often improve your response rate.
When you’re looking for a third party survey provider, make sure they cover these topics:

Social Environment – The social environment of your business makes a huge impact on employee attitudes. Employees should feel comfortable and safe socializing within the company, and be able to forge valuable relationships with their co-workers.
At Flex Surveys we’ve come up with a list of questions that will help you determine exactly how employees feel about the social environment in their workplace.

Quality of Supervision – Asking questions about the quality of supervision during an employee attitude survey is important for two reasons: you want to make sure your employees are comfortable and engaged in their work, and you want to make sure your supervisors are superstars.
Employees often don’t step forward directly with their concerns about supervisors for fear of retribution. At Flex Surveys, we’ve developed a list of questions that will help shed light on any issues related to supervision within your business while still protecting the anonymity of individual employees.

Job & Role Clarity – One of the most important factors in cultivating good employee attitudes and increasing your employee engagement is whether or not everyone actually knows what they’re supposed to be doing. You can be confident in your training skills and still be able to improve on them using data gained during an employee attitude survey.
Here at Flex Surveys we ask specific, pointed questions to figure out whether or not all your employees are clear on their role within the company and how they can move it—and themselves—forward.

Physical Environment – Do your employees like the paint job? Do there need to be stricter rules around keeping the place clean? Should you hire more cleaning staff? Replace your current cleaning staff?
The physical environment your employees work in has a huge impact on how they feel about work, which is why every Flex Surveys package includes questions about your employees’ physical environment.

Compensation – Well-compensated workers often means happy workers. Still, even if you’re not prepared to start offering raises to every employee who wants them, it’s good to know how your employees feel about the money they’re making.
At Flex Surveys we’ve learned how to ask workers about their compensation so that they don’t get offended and answer honestly.

Communication – Communication is incredibly important to a successful workplace, which means you need to know how well communication is working in your business—and the best way to keep track of that is by asking about it during your employee attitude surveys.
Of course, every Flex Surveys package comes complete with questions designed to help you determine how your employees feel about workplace communication. You can also always come up with your own questions and discuss adding them to your employee attitude survey with the Flex Surveys team.

All Flex Surveys packages cover these topics and several more, ensuring that you’ll consistently get the most useful data possible.

To find more information about employee reviews, please visit our website at Employee Attitude Survey.

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