What Topics Are Covered within Your Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

Jul 03, 2021
What Topics Are Covered within Your Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

Employee satisfaction surveys can provide valuable information and insights about the work environment you have created for your employees. Employee satisfaction surveys can also make it easier for employees to share their opinions about their position, perspective about the company, and career goals. Making sure you include some specific questions within the survey will help you generate the right types of responses and may also encourage more employees to participate in future surveys. Making sure your survey isn’t too long but still covers several key areas will help you make the most of the project.

Here are some ideas on what topics should be covered in your employee satisfaction surveys:

Salary and Benefits Packages

One of keys to attracting and retaining hardworking employees is by offering an attractive salary and benefits package. If you haven’t updated your benefits package in some time or are having difficult time retaining employees, it may be time to adjust the salary and benefits offerings for different positions. Find out how satisfied employees are with their current salary and benefits package so that you can make appropriate changes. Include specific questions about salaries and benefits in your employee satisfaction surveys.

Opportunities for Advancement

Does your company offer room for growth within each department or do you find that employees tend to leave once they have assumed the highest possible position? If there are few opportunities for advancement, many of your employees may not stay with you for the long-term. Find out what their perspectives are by gauging satisfaction rates in this area in your employee satisfaction surveys.

Being Influential

Many employees prefer working in a place where they can make a difference and have a voice. If this is non-existent, some employees may not be as productive as they could be or they may be less inclined to pursue other opportunities within the company. Make sure to include questions about abilities to make an impact or influence the department’s success in your employee satisfaction surveys.

Interpersonal Relationships

How happy are your employees with the relationships they have with their supervisors, the management team, and their coworkers? You can gauge satisfaction in this area by asking about overall relationships with each group and how comfortable the employee feels about reaching out to their supervisor or department head. This is an important section of employee satisfaction surveys for all types of companies.

Understanding of Company Mission

Whether the employee has just started or is a veteran employee, find out how confident the employee is with his/her understanding of the company mission and objectives. Sometimes this area of training gets neglected or employees simply stopped paying attention to overall goals. Including this topic in your employee satisfaction surveys can make it easier to modify training programs or implement additional training, if needed.

Overall Job Satisfaction

Overall job satisfaction ratings can give you a fair idea of how happy most of your employees are working for your organization and what percentage may be searching elsewhere. A few simple questions asking about job satisfaction can provide valuable insights and data that are linked to employee turnover rates.

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