What Supervisor Soft Skills Questions Say About Your Entire Company

Jan 01, 2023
What Supervisor Soft Skills Questions Say About Your Entire Company

Many things in the workplace are hard to pin down. Human interactions are slippery and how we feel about people can sometimes be difficult to put into words, especially within the complex dynamics of a workplace. The supervisor soft skills section of an employee attitude survey can help you get a bead for on your employees’ feelings in a way that’s helpful and measurable, something that can may be difficult to capture through other means. Flex Survey’s customizable and professionally written supervisor soft skills questions can help your employees put into words what they were thinking but couldn’t express, or address issues they could feel but could not properly articulate. Overall, the supervisor soft skills section of your employee attitude survey will help you direct your corporate culture to improve your employees’ lives and keep your company on the path to even greater success.

Unlike supervisor management skills questions, which look at management styles and techniques, supervisor soft skills questions address those skills that aren’t necessarily taught in a classroom. Interest, encouragement, approachability, sincerity, and personality are all factors that the supervisor soft skills section in an employee attitude survey addresses. You’ll end up with a very clear, giving you an idea about how your employees feel about their supervisors.

The “how” of supervisor soft skills questions is just as important as the “what” ; and Flex Surveys has a number of questions for employee attitude survey that can help you get a better idea of the relationships between your employees and their supervisors. One popular question on our survey is “My supervisor has a sincere interest in my well-being.” This is an important question that’s particularly useful for mid-to-large sized companies, where policy and practice can substantially differ. In many ways, an employee’s direct supervisor can be the face and voice of the company, especially since lower level employees may have very little interaction with their other superiors. Your company may have policies in place that encourage supervisors to care about their workers, but whether or not these particular policies are enacted, or if they are used in unexpected ways, is important to know. With supervisor soft skills questions like this on your employee attitude survey, you can see how your employees feel about their work: if they feel the company cares about them as much as they are expected to care about the company, your supervisors are fostering a healthy work environment.

Flex Surveys uses a variety of supervisor soft skills questions so your employee attitude survey can easily gauge how your employees feel about their supervisors and, by extension, your entire company. We offer a variety of ways to administer an employee attitude survey, whether it’s our quick Flex 15, our popular mid-sized Flex 50, or our most comprehensive and customizable Flex 100 option. With each survey, we will work with you to develop supervisor soft skills questions that match your business’ culture, pace, size, and industry. And we’ll also give you the tools to correctly analyze your data. Armed with that information, you can make decisions about your supervisor soft skills that will make your employees happier, your workplace a better place for business, and take you to a better future.


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