What Do Employee Satisfaction Surveys Cover?

Dec 28, 2023
What Do Employee Satisfaction Surveys Cover?

Employee satisfaction surveys are used by companies to find out how they can improve based on the opinions of their employees. In order to get helpful results, employee satisfaction surveys should cover your entire organization and the wants and needs of your employees. One way to do this is to organize your survey based on topics.

Here are the different topics Flex Surveys employee satisfaction surveys cover:

Company Environment and Culture

Company culture describes the overall attitude exhibited in the workplace. It can be reflected in the emotional feelings your employees have when they’re in the office. In a way, it’s intangible and hard to describe – until you ask the right questions.

Employee satisfaction surveys designed by Flex Surveys would cover the social environment and the work environment at your company. The work environment questions cover how your employees feel when they are doing their job, while social environment questions cover how your employees feel engaging with their coworkers on a social level.

The physical environment of your workplace should be included in employee satisfaction surveys because you want to ensure that your employees feel safe and secure. Having an unsafe or uncomfortable physical space can decrease employee performance and satisfaction.

It’s important to look at both the emotional and physical space in an employee satisfaction survey to determine whether your employees are satisfied, safe and secure in all aspects of their work life.


Communication is an important topic to cover in employee satisfaction surveys. Not only does it show you how your employees feel about being honest in your company, but it can also highlight whether there’s ineffective communication between staff and departments that’s affecting productivity.

Senior Management

Since they’re leaders in your organization, senior management and the quality of supervision should also be addressed in employee satisfaction surveys.

Questions about senior management on Flex Surveys’ employee satisfaction surveys cover CEOs and Presidents – how they behave, how they engage with your staff, if they express the company vision in their words and actions, and whether or not they’re moving your company forward. Quality of supervision questions cover whether or not your employees feel micro-managed or if more direction is needed for better performance.

Compensation and Benefits

The employee satisfaction surveys Flex Surveys conduct include questions on your employees’ role clarity, their compensation and benefits, and whether learning and development is supported at your company.

These can be considered the most important topics on employee satisfaction surveys because the responses are specific wants and needs. For example, if employees indicate they are not satisfied because they don’t have learning development opportunities, you can look into offering seminars to address that concern and increase satisfaction.

These topics are the mere tip of what we at Flex Surveys can cover in our employee satisfaction surveys. We want to help ensure that your survey incorporates the most appropriate topics and questions so you get reports that will be the most helpful and relevant to you.

To learn more how Flex Surveys can help customize your employee attitude survey questionnaire, please visit our website at Employee Attitude Surveys.

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