Social Environment Questions Essential for an Employee Engagement Survey

Jan 15, 2024
Social Environment Questions Essential for an Employee Engagement Survey

Your company is making an important step to foster employee engagement when conducting an employee engagement survey with social environment questions. According to Forbes, research in 2013 has shown that “four out of 10 workers are disengaged globally.” Employee disengagement in a social environment often has contagious effects, and spreads to key areas of what makes your company successful. Engaged employees are essential to enhance all customer service, productivity, retention, and recruitment.

Engaged employees are motivated, productive, and willing to contribute towards an organization’s advancement. However, what really makes an employee engaged? Providing social fulfillment is one of the most important ways to retain engaged employees who find meaning in their job. Employees need to strike a balance between their work and the larger corporate culture that helps build long-lasting social connections.

Companies should use an efficient an anonymous employee engagement survey if they don’t know how employees perceive their social environments. It may seem obvious, but employees should be asked social environment questions that provide a high-level view of their feelings, opinions, and perspectives. The data of an employee engagement survey can be used to make impactful improvements in specific aspects of social, personal, and company work environments.

Our Full 100 employee engagement survey contains a section with social environment questions. They collect the information required to make meaningful changes. The following examples of social environment questions demonstrate what your company can learn about your employees:

  1. Employees are valued at ABC COMPANY. – Employees will feel disengaged if they are not shown they are valued for their skills and work quality.
  2. Business activities are done with honesty and integrity. – Engaged employees contribute to companies who are an example of fair and honest business practices.
  3. ABC COMPANY evokes positive change and new ways of doing things. – Companies with a positive work environment facilitate innovative ideas from their employees and encourage their development.
  4. Employee efforts and achievements are properly recognized. – Recognition is part of being valued as an employee and builds a culture of engagement.

Every company should place emphasis on positive social environments that reduce stress, reinforce personal development, and provide employees with a certain amount of control. As organizations encourage new ideas and initiatives, they need to value personal skills and backgrounds while improving an employee’s work-life balance. Social environment questions within an employee engagement survey help companies determine the best practices for recruitment, retention, and overall social responsibility. These are essential areas that need be measured on a regular basis.

An employee engagement survey is the best way to learn what employees really think about their social environment, in addition to a number of other key areas. Full 100 is one of our three predesigned templates that can be customized from beginning to end to include social environment questions that relate specifically to your company. For example, change the wordings to reflect your company’s brand or alter the length to help increase participation rates. Flex Surveys is always available to not only design social environment questions that are unique and relevant, but to help your company execute the Full 100 employee engagement survey with accuracy and security.

Don’t let your workforce be part of another statistic about employees who don’t like their job. Consult with Flex Surveys to learn how to engage your employees and drive the long-term success of your company.

To learn more about how Flex Surveys can help customize your employee engagement survey questionnaire, please visit our website at Employee Attitude Surveys.

Feel free to free to contact us at 877.327.5085.

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