Personal Work Environment Questions In An Employee Engagement Survey

Nov 13, 2021
Personal Work Environment Questions In An Employee Engagement Survey

When companies think about how they can improve an employee’s personal work environment, they should consider how they provide a comfortable, supportive, and productive atmosphere that is conducive to high-quality work. Every well-designed employee engagement survey should contain a section for personal work environment questions.

Without the necessary tools and resources, information, and trust from managers, employees will have a very difficult time doing their job properly. No one understands more how work environments affect job performance than an employee. Companies should use an employee engagement survey to ask meaningful personal work environment questions directly from the source. This is the best way to understand work environments and how they can be enhanced. Without these questions, companies will be missing out on an important aspect of employee engagement, attitude, and satisfaction.

Flex Surveys offers medium and large companies the Full 100 employee engagement survey. Full 100 is designed for companies who need a high-level view of employee engagement across multiple segments of their organization, including managers. Companies can gain pivotal insight and data to enhance their employee engagement with this comprehensive yet detailed survey.

Full 100 includes the following personal work environment questions that gauge how an employee feels about their surroundings:

a. My work environment allows me to be highly productive. – What factors of personal work environments, such as workspace and
atmosphere, have a positive or negative effect on productivity?

b. I have the tools and resources I need to do my job. – Do your employees have access to the proper equipment, supplies, and
software to efficiently and properly complete tasks?

c. I have the information I need to make decisions. – Are managers clearly and consistently communicating their expectations,
relevant details, and job requirements?

Our Full 100 employee engagement survey can be customized from the original to ask personal work environment questions that apply specifically to your company. Organizations can use personal work environment questions that have been effective in a past employee engagement survey. They can also work with Flex Surveys to design their own. Each question can be changed to include different wordings and scales, and companies can add or subtract as many questions as they choose. Organizations should consult with experts to help create an employee engagement survey that delivers results if they have never conducted one before. Doing so will ensure that each step of the survey process is executed efficiently, securely, and with 100% confidentiality.

Take the necessary time to include personal work environment questions when conducting an employee engagement survey. The questions will accumulate invaluable data about key areas of your company’s work environment and how employees can improve productivity.

Our pre-designed employee engagement survey templates—including Pulse 15 and Flex 50—are ideal for in-depth results. Use Flex 100 for a high-level view of your organization across multiple sectors, especially when your company is made of numerous employee groups and departments.

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