Job/Role Clarity Questions on Your Company’s Employee Engagement Survey

May 06, 2022
Job/Role Clarity Questions on Your Company’s Employee Engagement Survey

When you’re implementing an employee engagement survey for your company, there are many different areas the questionnaire will survey your employees on. One of the most important sections involves each employee’s job/role clarity. This is significant because it determines if your employees know what they are responsible for, the details their jobs involve and what the company expects out of them. When the job/role clarity at your company is clear and defined, your employees complete their tasks faster, have lower stress levels and enjoy their jobs more.
The job/role clarity questions found on your employee engagement survey also show if your employees feel their role within the company is important and how meaningful they believe their work is. Feeling as though your work is meaningful and makes a difference is one of the most distinguishing factors in job satisfaction.

Types of Job/Role Clarity Questions

There are a variety of questions on an employee engagement survey that test job/role clarity. These can include statements that your employees rank by saying how much they agree or disagree. Examples of these statements include: “I have the decision making authority I need to do my job effectively” and “I know how my job contributes to the success of my company.”
These questions determine if your employees understand what their expectations and responsibilities are. If your employees rank these high, it shows that the company has good job/role clarity and allows employees to do their work knowing and not having to question what responsibilities are theirs.
It also shows you if people feel they can do their job to the best of their ability. When employees have the freedom to make decisions they need to make, they don’t feel trapped by company policies and regulations and therefore feel they are able to do what they need to do. These are factors that can impact an employee’s job satisfaction and engagement level.

How Supervisors are Doing

Job/role clarity questions on your employee engagement survey also help evaluate your employees’ supervisors. It’s a supervisor’s responsibility to ensure their employees know what their roles are and to implement strategies to help staff be able to complete their tasks.
Supervisors should also be assisting employees with setting performance goals and productivity targets. If employees are struggling with their job/role clarity, their supervisor should be assisting them in determining what their responsibilities are and explaining the company’s expectations.

Your Company’s Needs

Depending on the size of your company and its specific needs, the job/role clarity questions on your employee engagement survey can be modified as you see fit. Questions can be added or taken away so your specific concerns can be addressed.
For instance, if your company has many different departments responsible for multiple things, the Full 100 employee engagement survey may be the best option for you. It would allow you to ask a multitude of detailed job/role clarity questions that can be analyzed in a variety of ways to help determine if job/role clarity is the same across the company or changes by department.

If you’re still unsure what job/role clarity questions you need or how it relates to your employees’ long term engagement, call Flex Surveys today. Our survey specialists can help you every step of the way, from determining what questions to ask, how to ask them and why each question on the employee engagement survey is important.

To learn more about how Flex Surveys can help customize your employee engagement survey questionnaire, please visit our website at Employee Attitude Surveys.

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