Employee Satisfaction: What It Is and How to Get It

Dec 11, 2023
Employee Satisfaction: What It Is and How to Get It

As people’s stress levels increase daily, there is more and more talk on companies focusing on employee satisfaction. Do you know why? Do you know understand the importance of employee satisfaction and what it can do for your company?

Company morale

Employee satisfaction reflects the overall morale of a company. It shows how happy your employees are while they’re at work. If your employees are happy at work, then they’re more productive, more engaged and get along better with their co-workers. Your employees’ satisfaction rate also plays a role in how the public views your business. If your employees are disgruntled, stressed out and frustrated, it’s visible to those outside your company and can create a negative public opinion.

Improved health

When employees are satisfied at work, their stress levels are reduced, which creates overall improved health. When people experience high levels of stress, especially on a daily basis, they tend to have more illnesses. They experience hypertension, weight gain and weaker immune systems. They are fatigued and run down and therefore less productive and engaged at the office.

Better retention

If your company has a high employee satisfaction rate, you will also have a high retention rate. Often people stay with a company where they experience employee satisfaction, even if another job with a slightly higher pay rate becomes available. If someone is satisfied at work, chances are they feel as though they are appreciated and that they have more than a monetary value as an employee. Those things are more likely to keep them around than a three percent pay raise.

Give them control

With the hustle and bustle of a corporate world, employees often feel their lives are out of control. You can create higher employee satisfaction by giving control back to your employees. Do this by allowing them to find a way to have a better work/life balance. Give them the opportunity for flex time or allow telecommuting for part of the week. You could offer alternative schedules, such as a four day work week or shorter days. This allows your employees to take back control of their life, which makes them more satisfied. When they’re more satisfied, they’re more productive, making both of you happier.

Allow them to grow

Many companies are creating an atmosphere of growth in their offices. People like to learn and engage, and what better place to do it than where they’re employed. Offer training courses or tuition reimbursement to help your employees reach their own personal goals. Not only will this increase their employee satisfaction, but it also reduces their boredom and allows them to invest more into the company.

Show Appreciation

Employee satisfaction has a lot to do with recognizing and appreciating your employees. Tell them when they do a good job or go above and beyond what’s expected. People want their work to be an accomplishment, not an obligation. Make it that. Give them recognition during staff meetings and you’ll see an increase in engagement. Overall, if people have a high level of employee satisfaction, they’ll spend more time at work and be pleasant and engaging while they’re there.

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