Employee Satisfaction Survey Pricing: Why Is Flex Surveys’ So Low?

Apr 15, 2022
Employee Satisfaction Survey Pricing: Why Is Flex Surveys’ So Low?

Deciding to administer an employee satisfaction survey is an investment your company makes in its future. However, that doesn’t mean you should be forced to pay an outrageous price to survey your employees. At Flex Surveys, our goal is to help your organization be the best that it can be. That’s why we believe that employee satisfaction survey pricing should be affordable for everyone.
Flex Surveys’ employee satisfaction survey pricing currently starts at $2000 for our Basic package, $3500 for our Segment package, and $5000 for our Enterprise package. By comparison, a traditional 3rd party employee satisfaction survey consultant may charge in the range of $15,000 to $30,000.

When you compare Flex Surveys’ employee satisfaction survey pricing to that of other 3rd party survey consultants, you may wonder how our employee satisfaction survey pricing can be so much lower. We understand that drastic differences in employee satisfaction survey pricing may make you think the quality of the less expensive survey is substandard or if the data reporting is minimal. Happily, at Flex Surveys neither of these assumptions is true. We deliver high quality surveys and reports that will help you create action plans to improve relationships with your employees.

So what’s the difference between Flex Surveys and a survey software tool that you manage yourself? After all, the employee satisfaction survey pricing at some of these companies is free. Why should you pay for something that you could do on your own at no charge? Simply put, those online survey tools cost you time even though they don’t cost you money. You are responsible for creating the survey, sending it to your employees, monitoring responses, and creating reports.

Flex Surveys offers you the affordability and convenience of an employee satisfaction survey software tool with the reporting capabilities and customer service of a large 3rd party consultant. We’ve developed an automated process for delivering employee satisfaction surveys that is highly customizable to your company’s individual needs. With three options to choose from — the Flex 15, the Flex 50, and the Flex 100 — there’s an employee satisfaction survey that’s just right for your organization. We’ll work with you to review any employee satisfaction surveys you’ve administered in the past and incorporate those questions into your new survey. We’ll also make sure the right questions are being asked to help you develop benchmarks or assess the status of certain issues within your company.

Also included in our employee satisfaction survey pricing are complete reports for your management team. The level of reporting you receive corresponds to the package you choose. For example, the Enterprise package breaks down the data you receive from your employee satisfaction survey into subgroups. If you want to see how a particular work group or branch responded, it’s right there. We also understand that your executive team doesn’t have time to plow through pages of results, so we’ve developed a summary that will give them a high-level overview with granular details. This report will help them clarify how to respond in order to increase employee engagement within the company.
When you’re comparing employee satisfaction survey pricing, you’re right to be skeptical. But it’s often the higher priced employee satisfaction survey companies that you should beware of. Flex Surveys offers you personalized service and customizable surveys at a fraction of the cost of traditional 3rd party survey companies. Why not contact us to see how we can help you? We’ll be happy to tell you more about our philosophy, our products, and ourselves.

To learn more about employee satisfaction and our employee engagement survey pricing, please visit our website at Employee Attitude Surveys.

Feel free to free to contact us at 877.327.5085.

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