Employee Engagement Survey Questionnaire: Different Types of Questionnaires

May 05, 2022
Employee Engagement Survey Questionnaire: Different Types of Questionnaires

Consider this: your company is a unique entity that can either thrive in the marketplace or wither into obscurity. The most successful companies look internally as well as eternally to gauge where they are headed in the future. Basically, an employee engagement survey questionnaire can give you all the data you need to reflect inwardly and learn more about your own company. Flex Surveys can help you do this through our three main types of surveys.

Flex 15 – This is the most basic template that we offer for an employee engagement survey questionnaire, and it’s a great starting point for smaller companies. With mobile access for phones this basic survey takes advantage of modern technology.
Think of the Flex 15 employee engagement survey questionnaire as measuring the pulse of your company. It’s a quick, high-level overview of what is happening internally in your organization. If you’ve attempted an employee engagement survey questionnaire before and had few returns, the Flex 15 might be a good fit for you. It’s fast – most people can take it in under five minutes, which means that you’ll receive a higher return on the survey.
However, the Flex 15 is not as in-depth as our other templates, and any issues that are discovered from the responses will likely mean timely meetings and audits until solutions are uncovered. On the plus side, since this is a fairly standard type of employee engagement survey questionnaire, there are many benchmarking opportunities.

Flex 50 – This is by far our most popular employee engagement survey questionnaire template. It takes about ten to fifteen minutes on average, and really begins to dig deep into what makes your company tick. This template can readily be tailored to fit with any company, regardless of the size or number of employees.
What’s really great about the Flex 50 employee engagement survey questionnaire is that it gives huge amounts of insight into the themes, key drives, and satisfaction levels of your employees. This template is also easy to use on mobile devices such as tablets. With a high return rate coupled with the high level of detail in data collection, the Flex 50 makes it very easy to implement change to policy based on responses.

Flex 100– As the longest employee engagement survey questionnaire of the three template options, it can take about twenty minutes to complete. It’s the most in-depth, and provides a high level of information. This is a good option for companies that are very large; helpful for managers don’t get a lot of face time with every employee.
In fact, this is a preferred option for companies whose operations are spread over several industries!
These three employee engagement survey questionnaire choices are ideal for any size company since they cover all the main topics, comply with industry standards, contain the necessities for benchmarking, and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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