Employee Engagement Survey Questionnaire: Custom Tailoring A Survey

Nov 06, 2021
Employee Engagement Survey Questionnaire: Custom Tailoring A Survey

Each company is different; all of the employees within that company are unique individuals. Their opinions matter, and collecting them via an employee engagement survey questionnaire is a very powerful way to institute change within a company. Since your company is unlike any other, and the people that make your company thrive are anything but average, doesn’t it make sense to customize the employee engagement survey questionnaire to reflect your needs?

The short answer is, of course, no.

An employee engagement survey questionnaire that is custom tailored to your company’s specific criteria will help set you even further apart from the competition. Not only will you see valuable data start to stream through your responses, but comparable benchmarks that track information that no other company is tracking will help you move into your next phase of development.

To help get you started, we begin using one of our templates and then mold your custom criteria around that survey to create a brand new employee engagement survey questionnaire. Be assured that it will comply with industry standards as well as be an extension of what makes your company unique.

One of the more vital aspects of this process is including benchmarks. These benchmarks, a series of questions that help monitor similar data between surveys, represent how growth and change is measured. Benchmarking helps you see where you’ve been so you know where you’re going, and should be included in any employee engagement survey questionnaire.

We’ll cover all of the main topics you require, and make sure that what sets your company apart from the rest is reflected in the employee engagement survey questionnaire.

However, the starting template isn’t a one-size-fits all questionnaire. We provide you with three different templates to build off of, giving you the flexibility required to customize the overall survey to your liking.

Once the initial template is selected, Flex Surveys will meet with you to review the customizable data needed to make the employee engagement survey questionnaire a success. We want to learn about you, your company, and your employees. Guide us through why your company is the type of company that others should impersonate!

Here’s a breakdown of the three templates we use to start the process:

Flex 15 – This short survey is great for smaller companies and gives a quick overview of your organization.
Flex 50 – This is the most popular survey, and it hits all of the main points that companies, both large and small, can appreciate.
Flex 100 – This longer survey is perfect for organizations that cross over multiple industries.

The bottom line is that an employee engagement survey questionnaire, once customized using Flex Surveys’ proven expertise, will become a valuable tool for further pushing your company into the future. Your company is already customized for what’s coming next; contact Flex Surveys now to assist with the coming steps!

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