Communication & Teamwork Questions on Your Employee Engagement Survey

Nov 20, 2021
Communication & Teamwork Questions on Your Employee Engagement Survey

An employee engagement survey covers a variety of subjects to help get an overall impression of how your employees feel about the work they do and the environment they do it in. Communication/teamwork questions can give you an insight into whether your workers feel the company looks out for employees’ best interests and tries to cooperate with them.

Management’s Vision

The employee engagement survey may use communication/teamwork questions by having your employees agree or disagree with statements such as “I have a good understanding of my company’s corporate values (i.e. what my company stands for)” or “Management shares a clear vision of the direction in which we are going.” These concepts are important because when workers have a strong sense of employee engagement, they feel that their personal values and life missions match those of the company they work for.


Good communication is essential if you want your employees to feel engaged and satisfied with their job. By asking questions like “My company has an effective corporate communication strategy (Newsletters, Emails, Posters, etc.)” and “My company keeps me well informed about matters that affect me,” your employee engagement survey can determine if the company’s communication/teamwork strategies are working. This is important because if employees do not feel they can talk openly to management, or at least to their immediate supervisor, communication/teamwork will not rank high on their employee engagement survey.


Teamwork is an important part of any well-functioning company. When asked the right questions on their employee engagement survey, you can determine how your employees rank communication/teamwork across all departments and at different levels of the company. The communication/teamwork questions show if your employees believe the company has a large amount of cooperation and if people are comfortable to voice concerns they have about the business or other employees. Examples from a questionnaire might include the following: “There is free sharing of information between departments/work groups” and “My workgroup receives high quality support from other units on whom we depend.” Teamwork is important to your company’s bottom line because everyone should feel like part of the team. People want to work with one another, brainstorm and problem solve instead of worrying who will point fingers when things don’t go right.


Depending on your company’s needs, the communication/teamwork questions on your employee engagement survey can be lengthened or shortened. If you’re a small company and you know your employees work well together and operate like a well-oiled machine, you could use Flex Surveys Pulse 15 employee engagement survey. If your company is mid to large sized or you’ve struggled with teamwork and proper communication channels in the past, the Flex 50 or Full 100 might be a better option for you. These surveys allow you to modify specific questions or add your own to get the results you’re looking for.

Ask Our Specialists

If you think your company is struggling with communication/teamwork and you’re thinking of implementing an employee engagement survey, call Flex Surveys today. One of our survey research specialists can help you decide which survey is right for your company and even give you three different sample employee engagement surveys to choose from.

To learn more how Flex Surveys can help your organization customize an employee attitude survey questionnaire, please visit our website at Employee Attitude Surveys.

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