3 Ways to Boost Employee Experience and Improve Employee Retention

Nov 11, 2023
3 Ways to Boost Employee Experience and Improve Employee Retention

You might be surprised to hear the majority of your employees are ready to jump ship and leave your organization. According to the Ceridian Pulse of Talent Report, over 60% of employees in North America are either actively looking for job opportunities or would consider leaving if approached by another company. When examining workers under 30, the number jumps up even higher, to 75% in the US and a staggering 87% in Canada. Poor employee retention can be an expensive consequence of low employee engagement.

A large factor driving this surprisingly high number is that remote work has frayed the connections that typically connect employees to their organization. The report revealed that while pay is the top factor in enticing staff to leave, work environment and work/life balance are similarly strong considerations for employees. When it comes to describing the factors that keep them with their company, engaging work topped the list. Not only is engagement key to retention, studies have shown that organizations with highly engaged staff are far more successful and profitable than their competitors.

work/life balance and employee engagement are key to employee retention
Flexibility and work/life balance are significant considerations when employees consider changing employers

Tips to Create an Engaging Modern Employee Experience

Here are 3 tips offered to help design a more engaging and rewarding employee experience:

On-Demand Pay

Nearly 1 in 3 American workers run out of money before payday, and spending typically spikes on that day. Offering employees access to their wages as they earn them allows them to balance their spending without expensive credit and improve their financial wellness.

Drive Experience from a Central Hub

Provide a central hub where employees and leaders can take control of their work experience. It should be a single location where the entire workforce can locate tools, updates, and personalized information on benefits and vacation days. A central hub helps drive an adaptive, informed, and ultimately productive organization.

Leverage the Power of Surveys

Gather meaningful information from employee feedback through quick pulse surveys and deep reaching annual employee engagement surveys. Maintaining a clear view of employee sentiments and issues is of utmost importance, especially with an increasing share of employee working remotely.

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