It seems that every year more and more companies are offering their employees flex time, allowing their employees to come in later, leave early or even work from home. Some of the largest and most successful companies offer their employees extremely flexible schedules.

Of course, not every business can allow their employees to work from home. Somebody needs to watch the shop and answer the phone in the office. But if you can—or even if you can just let your employees have more control over their work schedules—you should do it, starting right away.

Why should you let employees control their schedules?

Here are just a few reasons why more companies are offering flex time to employees than ever before:

1. Giving employees more control over their schedule empowers them to improve their lives.

Everybody, or at least almost everybody, needs to work in order to afford food, a roof over their heads, clothing, and all the little luxuries they enjoy on a day-to-day basis.

If your employees are working 40 hours a week or more and happen to have families and/or friends, that doesn’t leave them a lot of time for everything else they have to do. And if those hours have to be 9-5, there are several things your employees won’t be able to do because they’re not available during the right hours.

Offering flex time makes it much easier for employees to do things like going back to school and taking workshops that can improve their performance at work.

2. Flex time makes it easier for employees to meet the needs of their families.

Most people have commitments outside of their job, and a great many have commitments to their family.

Whether it’s aging parents or small children, at some point during their careers a fair number of your employees will have to care for their relatives. There are three ways this can work: 1.your employees can take care of their family and work during different hours 2.they can stay at work and be distracted worrying about the family they need to take care of 3. they can find another job that’s more accommodating

If you don’t offer flex time, many employees may fall into the second category for a while and then decide they need to find another job.

If you do offer flex time, you’re far more likely to keep employees through thick and thin, as both their families and their responsibilities change.

3. Some people simply work better with a different schedule.

Everybody’s different, and we all operate best at different times of the day. It might be advantageous for most people to wake up and get to work early in the morning, but there are also plenty of people who operate better later on in the day.

Finding a schedule that works for both you and your employees is crucial if you want everyone to succeed. Having a variety of flex time options allows you to work together to create the perfect schedule for each employee.

Flex time makes you more likely to retain your most important employees and helps you establish a reputation as an employer who cares.

You might just find that offering a variety of flex time options is the best decision you’ve ever made for your business.

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