Top 5 Free Games to Play With Your Colleagues on Zoom

Jul 28, 2022
Top 5 Free Games to Play With Your Colleagues on Zoom

With the majority of the employees working remotely, socializing with colleagues is not as easy as it used to be. Developing close relationships with co-workers can lead to a more engaged, unified workforce. Teamwork and co-operation are one of the many factors that can increase employee engagement. Unfortunately, Zoom meetings may be the only face to face interactions employees have had with each other for several months. It is tough to develop chemistry and relationships over conference calls. However, there are different ways that companies are thriving using remote work in our current circumstances. One of these ways is simply having fun with remote games.

Here are our top 5 free games with accompanying websites that we have personally used within our organization. With these, we try to lighten the mood, forget about work and encourage social activities for employees. Each of these games have private rooms. This will ensure that you are only playing with those who are invited to the game. We set aside 25 minutes a day to collectively take a break from work and enjoy each other’s company. The end goal is to try to increase employee engagement and promote teamwork. Try these games out and let us know what works best for your group. Or, let us know if there are any games that we should try on our end andif you have your own Top 5 Free Games list!

Employee Engagement in Remote Work

Top 5 Free Games To Play on Zoom

Guess That Drawing (

With a quick online search of “Online Drawing Game”, there are hundreds of different websites that can replicate Pictionary. This is our personal favorite. The premise is simple, the drawer selects a word from 2 available options and tries their best to draw it. While, everyone else must guess the word before the timer runs out. The faster someone guesses the correct word, the more points you can earn. The true entertainment is pointing out how good or bad someone’s artistic skills are.

Guess That Drawing (

This is not your typical jigsaw puzzle, this online version can promote teamwork and cooperation, or it can easily turn to who can find the most pieces. With private rooms, you can have an unlimited number of individuals trying to complete a puzzle. These puzzles can have as many as 1000 pieces or as small as 30 pieces. This is a good game to catch up with teammates socially, while working together to put puzzles together.

Capture the Flag (

TagPro Competitive teamwork is the name of the game of this “sport”. Using your keyboard to move your marble, capture the opponent’s flag and quickly bring it back to your home base. Be careful though, once you have their flag, don’t get captured by their team. Because if your opponent bumps into you, you are eliminated and respawned after 5 seconds. Our team splits into 2 zoom chats, one for each team, to go over game-plans and strategies.

Escape Rooms (

Almost as good as the real thing, break into teams or solve the escape room as a group. Work together to solve the various puzzles using the clues within the room. Whether it is math skills, colour patterns, or attention to detail, everyone can have their input while solving the mystery. This is a great way to promote feedback and problem solving skills while working under pressure

Scattegories (

Finally, come up with as many unique responses to different topics that start with the same letter. Easy concept, difficult to implement. Using Zoom’s screenshare function, have everyone participate by jotting as many words as they can. Vote as a group on answers that do not fit. Laugh at the absurd responses, celebrate the great responses, and try to be the one that accumulates the most points.

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