Maintaining Employee Engagement & Productivity for Remote Workers

Sep 10, 2022
Maintaining Employee Engagement & Productivity for Remote Workers

Remote work has long been an option for some workers, however in the current pandemic environment it has gone from the exception to the norm. This new normal raises questions that need to be followed up. How should workers balance their time to stay productive and connected with other employees? From an organizational perspective, can they trust this working arrangement, and how does it impact employee engagement and productivity?

While working from home can sound like a luxury vacation, being productive is sometimes easier said than done. Different jobs require different levels of flexibility, creativity, collaboration, and planning that can be difficult to maintain from home.

Here are some tips to help remote workers stay engaged and productive from home:

Follow a Schedule & Take Breaks

Although it sounds trivial, stick to your normal routine! Mentally and physically prepare for the workday by following your normal schedule. Employees who continue to follow a normal routine will feel more structured, keep track of time better and minimize burn out. Surprisingly, employees working from home often report they take fewer breaks than when at the office. Be sure to move around occasionally and take breaks, especially when you are stressed, drained, or distracted.

Designate a Workspace… But Don’t Just sit There

Although it’s tempting to work in bed, set yourself up for success by setting up a workspace. This will help maintain good posture, minimize distractions, and help you keep to a routine. Use some of the extra time saved on commuting to work out at home or spend some time walking outside. These activities will help ensure you are not stuck inside all day. Time walking or exercising has also been shown to not only benefit your body, but also your mind, helping to increase focus, productivity, and creativity.

Stay Connected With your Co-workers

Employee engagement can be linked to the connection you have with your co-workers. Ensure some of your office routines continue, such as checking in with your co-workers. Aside from typical emails and messaging, try setting up informal phone or video calls to catch up. Incorporate virtual coffee breaks as well as team building activities to maintain morale and a sense of camaraderie in your team.

Prepare and Reduce Distractions

Working from home presents new types of distractions such as phone calls, social media, and children. Silencing phones, working in a designated workspace, and minimizing traffic in work areas in the home will all help employees reduce distractions. If the flexibility is allowed, try adjusting your working hours to work when fewer distractions are present, for example when your child is sleeping, or your roommate leaves for work.

Maintaining employee engagement matters now more than ever for remote workers. With so many competing concerns and priorities, employee engagement can easily get lost in the shuffle. Over time this can lead to faltering productivity and morale. Following the above tips can help ensure remote work is both productive and rewarding for organizations and their employees.

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