Key Drivers That Promote Employee Engagement During a Crisis

Nov 13, 2023
Key Drivers That Promote Employee Engagement During a Crisis

A significant number of companies are redeploying their employees to remote working during the pandemic. Given this major change in working conditions, leaders need to incorporate innovative approaches to keep employee engagement and productivity high.

Engaged employees are known to be the hardest workers in an organization. They are highly committed, willing to stay with an organization through good and bad times, and make substantive contributions to the company’s bottom line. Employee engagement is fostered by each employee having a clear understanding of his/her role in the organization, having the opportunity to do what you he/she does best and working with others towards a common purpose.

One of the best ways to build a strong engaged workforce is to ensure your workplace culture is the best it can be. This is particularly essential during times of crisis when employees are required to work remotely.

The following are a number of key drivers to help your remote workers develop to their full potential and be fully engaged.

Set clear expectations

  • The hours you expect remote workers to be available
  • Which meetings employees are required to participate in
  • Active participation in setting realistic working protocols

Ensure remote team communication

  • Employees need to know what is going on. Silence can be unnerving and hurt morale
  • Remote workers should have ways to stay connected with both leaders and each other
  • Establish a regular schedule for check-ins with direct reports
  • Reward and celebrate employee accomplishments in a highly visible forum

Future-proof your business

  • Ensure you have the requisite technology and tools to enable worker productivity
  • Ask employees what they want/need to keep them fully engaged
  • Strengthen collaboration and trust to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction

Launch an Employee Engagement Survey

  • Give employees the chance to share ideas and concerns
  • A survey will help bolster employees’ feelings of being valued and heard
  • Your workforce can provide input to help your organization make data-driven decisions

Trust is an incredibly important factor during times of crisis. Working remotely is hard on everyone. Managers should trust that remote workers truly care about the company, want to contribute and do their best. Should an individual’s productivity become a concern, it is best that they lead with empathy. A one-to-one conversation can often determine what factors might be contributing to the problem.

Meanwhile. an employee that feels trusted and cared for will do his/her best to deliver expected results. Given the necessary help and/or resources to resolve their issue, research shows that employees will go out of their way to give their best and make additional efforts to accomplish important tasks to reach or exceed workplace expectations.

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