How Your Workplace Is Affecting Your Employee Engagement Performance

Oct 24, 2022
How Your Workplace Is Affecting Your Employee Engagement Performance

If you’ve noticed a slump in employee engagement performance or your company’s performance, there may be some factors in your work environment that are negatively affecting your employees and your company. Stress can greatly affect how your staff feels about working for you and how they perform their job. Here are some of the top workplace environments that cause employee stress and decrease employee engagement performance:


Someone reading over their shoulder is a pet peeve for many people. Similarly, many employees feel stress at having a manager hover around them, watching them working, and telling them what to do.
Although this act is rarely malicious, and manager may feel that the constant direction they are giving is increasing employee engagement performance, it’s still a negative behavior. Employees may feel that they are constantly being watched and therefore, are afraid of making a mistake and risking their position. They may also feel like they can’t be trusted or that they aren’t capable of doing their job.

Absent Managers

On the other hand, having a manager that doesn’t communicate or direct staff at all can also cause poor employee engagement performance. Without feedback and direction, your employees may not have a good grasp of how they’re doing or what positive impact their work has on the company.


Favoritism in the workplace can also have a negative effect on employee engagement performance. It’s important that all employees, at all levels, are held to the same standards. Allowing managers, upper management, or your favorite coworker to have a pass on things that normally would be an issue in your office can cause stress and dissatisfaction in your other employees.

Lower Than Industry Standards

Hitting below market standard, whether it’s for employee engagement performance, workplace culture or in terms of pay, can make your employees feel less valued, which may make them look for greener pastures. While you don’t always have to do what everyone else is doing, it’s important that you stay within the standard of your industry to ensure employee satisfaction and to remain competitive in your market.
No company is perfect and if you’ve noticed some of these behaviors in your own company, it doesn’t mean you have failed. These workplace behaviors are common, but if you’ve noticed that they are creating stress for your employees and negatively impacting employee engagement performance and productivity, you may need to make a change sooner rather than later.

One way to do that is, like this article states, to introduce employee assistance programs to help reduce stress and create more of a work-life balance.
Another solution is to conduct an employee engagement or satisfaction survey, so you can see how your employees feel about your work culture and environment. At Flex Surveys, we help you conduct your survey and will work with you to create an action plan to improve your company and increase employee engagement performance and happiness. We also have external benchmarking as part of our surveys. We use key questions to see how you perform against your competitors. This way you can see where you may be lacking and improve to increase employee engagement performance and employee retention.

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