Engagement: Improve Employee Satisfaction by Investing in Ergonomics

Aug 26, 2022
Engagement: Improve Employee Satisfaction by Investing in Ergonomics

Companies can improve employee engagement simply by creating the right environment for the job. When companies think of areas requiring improvement, they usually focus on improving management or communication and overlook the physical workspace.

Ergonomics is the applied science of optimizing the interaction between workers and their work environment. Companies investing in ergonomics not only gain improved safety and wellness, but also see an increase in productivity and higher employee satisfaction.

Applying ergonomic principles helps you find the optimal settings and placement for everyday items in the office or on the production floor, such as chairs and lighting. You might not be convinced that these lead to meaningful outcomes, yet studies show there is up to a $17 return for every $1 invested in ergonomic improvements!

Safety and Wellness

Creating a work environment that caters to employees is an important step to improving general safety and wellness. Did you know that musculoskeletal disorders account for a third of the total work time lost? Workspaces that aren’t ergonomically designed lead to more serious injuries and can be a long-term detriment to your organization.

Statistics show that weak ergonomic practices account for $1 of every $3 spent on workers’ compensation. Using ergonomic keyboards or even rearranging workspaces can help protect your employees. Why risk paying for the costs associated with injury and turnover when the solution is readily available?


Organizations that invest in ergonomics also see an improvement in productivity. Ergonomic workspaces reduce stress and enable employees to work at more efficient levels.

Research shows better optimized offices and manufacturing spaces improve output and efficiency by 20-30%. You not only save money by preventing injuries, improved ergonomics also allows you to do more with less.

Employee Engagement

The impact of ergonomics on employee engagement is often overlooked, given its numerous other benefits. Employees appreciate companies that spend time and resources on them and are happier to work in comfortable, well organized, and easy to navigate areas.

Studies have shown that organizations that invest in and sustain solid ergonomics practices reduce employee turnover by 40-56% and absenteeism by 43-63%. These are very powerful statistics. By investing in a better work environment for your staff, you invest in your retention and their overall satisfaction.

Ergonomics affects employee engagement

Where to begin with Ergonomics?

While changing the physical work environment sounds expensive and daunting, research shows that the acquired benefits far outweigh the costs. When embarking on improving the ergonomics in your workplace, there is no need to improve everything at once. Employees recognize and appreciate even small incremental improvements. Communicating future changes that are planned to improve workplace ergonomics helps keep employee morale positive.

Are you unsure where to begin? A good starting point might be to ask your employees. Especially now when many people are working in home offices, the demand for improved workspaces has never been higher.

A survey can help you gather a wide range of employee feedback. Their input will highlight key areas that can lead to substantive gains in employee engagement and productivity.

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