Employee Whistleblower Feedback Tools are an important part of your retention strategy as they provide valuable feedback and insights.
By implementing a customized Whistleblower Program, it will help enhance the employee experience, and identify areas for improvement.
Our team of experts is standing by to customize a Whistleblower Program to cater to your organization’s unique requirements.

Below you will find a sample Whistleblower Program

This is an open forum to let you speak freely about your workplace.
Your feedback will be shared directly with COMPANY Management. 
Please be assured that all feedback provided is 100% confidential and will remain 100% anonymous.

1) My feedback is about…

  • Senior Management
  • Department Supervisor
  • Co-Workers
  • Work Environment
  • Process Change
  • Health and Safety Concerns
  • Customer Feedback
  • Harassment / Discrimination
  • Business Improvement
  • Other___________________

2) What would you like to talk about?


3) Would you like to receive any updates on the feedback that you provided?

  • YES, I would like to receive updates
  • NO, I want to remain 100% anonymous
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