Employee Performance Evaluations are an important part of your retention strategy as they provide valuable feedback and insights. 
By implementing a customized Employee Performance Evaluation, it will help tailor the employee experience, identify areas for improvement, and enhance employee engagement.
Our team of experts is standing by to customize your Employee Performance Evaluation to cater to your organization’s unique requirements.

Below are our recommended Employee Performance Evaluation Questions

Please rate EMPLOYEE across each of the following values:


  1. Attendance and Punctuality: Includes dependability. Employee is present at work and on time. Absences are properly scheduled and not excessive.
  2. Dependability: Includes the extent to which the employee completes assignments on time and carries out instructions.
  3. Flexibility: Includes performance under pressure and ability to adjust to unexpected changes in work demands to meet timetables. Is willing to learn new systems, cross-train and help where needed.
  4. Knowledge of Work: Understands assigned duties and responsibilities. Establishes priorities and uses appropriate resources, procedures, and materials for assigned work.
  5. Planning and Organization: Includes the ability to establish and manage work priorities and efficiently allocate time and resources appropriately


  1. Problem Solving: Includes the degree to which the employee identifies problems, secures relevant information, and implements solutions.
  2. Initiative: Includes the extent to which the employee sets own constructive work practices, and suggests and implements improved work methods. Proactive vs Reactive.
  3. Attitude: Displays a positive can-do attitude towards work and work-related challenges
  4. Grit: Willingness to overcome adversity or endure hardship for the sake of what we care about. (Grit is defined as an individual’s perseverance of effort combined with passion for a particular long-term goal.)


  1. Teamwork: Works cooperatively in the delivery of services, training, and unconditional support. Consider how the employee gets along with others, offers help, avoids gossip/negativity.
  2. Working Relationship with Manager (Supervisor): Responds in a positive manner to management direction and feedback. Follows chain of command.
  3. Leadership: Effectively accomplishes work through others. Inspires confidence in subordinates and / or peers. Provides clear direction, communicates constructive feedback (if applicable), and recognizes and resolves problems. Takes initiative without being asked or required in order to improve performance, processes, and the company goals.
  4. Interpersonal Relations: Includes the extent to which the employee is cooperative and tactful in dealing with supervisors, subordinates, and peers.

Employee Performance Evaluations Provide Constructive Feedback


Increase in


Reduction in


Increase in

Please rate EMPLOYEE across each of the following values:

  1. Excellence
  1. Customer Service: Responsive, respectful, and courteous to internal and external clients and fellow employees. Looks for ways to meet the needs of the people they serve. Demonstrates good listening skills.
  2. Quality of Work: Includes accuracy, thoroughness, and effectiveness.
  3. Quantity of Work: Includes the extent to which the employee completes assignments within specified time limits, and ability to handle multiple assignments.
  4. Communication: Includes ability to effectively express self in individual and group situations, with verb and nonverbal messages that are clear, concise, and easily understood. Listens carefully to others. Promotes a sense of urgency. This means the importance of acting promptly, decisively, and without delay


  1. Work Rules, Policies, and Required Training: Follows work rules and company policies and practices. Meets dress code standards. Completes required safety training.
  2. Organizational Values: Embodies and supports through words and actions the social and business mission of Belt Power. Look for ways to meet the needs of the clients Belt Power serves. Demonstrate honesty and integrity in their role
  3. Safety Compliance: Includes the degree to which the employee complies with company safety guidelines
  4. Responsibility: Takes responsibility for actions without placing blame. Adheres to moral and ethical principles in all situations.

Rate your perception of EMPLOYEE’s current level of ENGAGEMENT:


Indicate if ANY of the following are applicable:

  •  Influencer employee – Employee who influences others on the team; someone who can positively or negatively impact the way external or internal audiences view, interact, or form opinions
  •  Critical employee – Employee, who, if he/she were to leave it would have a significant negative impact on the organization’s ability to conduct normal business.
  •  High-potential employee (HIPO) – Employee who has the ability, engagement, and aspiration to rise to and succeed in more senior, critical positions
  •  Promotable employee – Employee who is ready to be promoted or has the potential to be promoted
  •  Placement issue – Employee who is not succeeding in his/her current role
  •  New in Role – Too soon to evaluate employee, require follow up in future
  •  None of the Above
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