Employee Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Surveys are an important part of your organizational process as they provide valuable feedback and insights from employees.
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Below are our recommended Employee Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Survey Questions

1) Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is important to me 


2) Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is valued at COMPANY



3) COMPANY is committed to equity, diversity & inclusion
4) I can voice a contrary opinion without fear of negative
5) Perspectives like mine are included in decision making
6) COMPANY attracts, develops and retains people with diverse
7) Our organization is made up of a workforce that is
representative of our community
8) People from all backgrounds have equal opportunity to succeed
at this organization
9) I feel comfortable being myself at work
10) I feel emotionally and socially supported at work
11) I feel comfortable sharing all aspects of my social identity
12) My unique attributes, traits, characteristics, skills, experience and background are valued at work
13) If I witnessed / faced prejudice or discrimination I would feel comfortable reporting it
14) COMPANY would act on feedback regarding prejudice or discrimination
15) I am treated fairly
16) I am paid equally for equal work
17) I feel valued & recognized
18) I am offered equal career development opportunities
19) I do not feel that there are any barriers to my success
20) I do not feel discriminated against
21) Keeping in mind your personal background/identity/characteristics….
22) I feel included in the day-to-day at COMPANY
23) I feel included in external activities
24) I never question whether or not I belong at COMPANY
25) My coworkers make me feel supported & included

From an EDI (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) perspective…

What is COMPANY doing well?
What can COMPANY do to improve?
What can your Team/Department do to improve?
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