Employee Satisfaction Surveys are an important part of maintaining Employee Engagement as they provide valuable feedback and insights from employees.
By implementing a customized survey, it will help tailor the employee experience, identify areas for improvement, and enhance employee engagement.
Our team of experts is standing by to customize your Employee Satisfaction Survey to cater to your organization’s unique requirements.

Below are our recommended Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions
How likely would you be to recommend our organization as a place to work?
How likely would you be to recommend the products/services that we provide our clients?


Workplace Satisfaction
  1. I am proud to work at COMPANY
  2. COMPANY is a welcoming place to work
  3. I believe COMPANY will act on the results of this survey
  4. Employees are valued at COMPANY
  5. Over the past year, COMPANY has improved for the better
Company Culture
  1. I feel comfortable being myself in our current work environment
  2. COMPANY is committed to equity, diversity & inclusion
  3. COMPANY attracts, develops and retains people with diverse backgrounds
  4. COMPANY’s work environment is supportive of mental health & wellness
  5. COMPANY shows a strong commitment to ethical business decisions and conduct
Staffing & Co-workers
  1. COMPANY does a good job of recruiting highly qualified employees
  2. COMPANY does a good job of retaining highly qualified employees
  3. My department has enough employees to handle our workload
  4. My fellow employees are committed to doing quality work
  5. I have close personal connections at work
Communication & Teamwork
  1. COMPANY shares a clear vision of the direction in which we are going
  2. COMPANY keeps me well informed about matters that affect me
  3. There is a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation within my immediate team
  4. There is a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation between my department and other departments
  5. Our department/team meetings are efficient & effective
Job/Role Clarity
  1. I know what is expected of me at work
  2. I know how my job contributes to the success of COMPANY
  3. I have the decision making authority I need to do my job effectively
  4. The amount of work I am expected to do is reasonable
  5. I have the tools and resources I need to do my job well
  6. In my role, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day
Feedback & Recognition
  1. Employee efforts and achievements are properly recognized at COMPANY
  2. COMPANY does a good job working with employees to improve their performance
  3. I receive regular constructive feedback on my overall job performance
  4. I have the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas
Manager Skills
  1. My manager does a good job of managing my department
  2. My manager encourages employee involvement and feedback
  3. My manager is available when I have questions or need help
  4. My manager treats all employees fairly and equally
  5. My manager has a sincere interest in my well-being
Senior Management
  1. The day-to-day actions of Sr. Management are consistent with what they say (They walk the talk)
  2. There is a strong level of trust that exists between Sr. Management and employees
  3. Sr. Management motivates our workforce to perform at a high level
Training & Development
  1. COMPANY offers me the necessary training to do my job well
  2. Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow
  3. At work, there is someone that encourages my personal development
  4. Our organization provides opportunities for career advancement
  5. Job opportunities are open and fair to all qualified internal applicants
Compensation & Benefits
  1. I am satisfied with my current work schedule/hours
  2. Based on my skill-set and job performance, I am satisfied with my pay
  3. The benefits provided by COMPANY meet my expectations
Job Commitment
  1. I am satisfied with my current job
  2. I am able to balance the relationship between my work life and my personal life
  3. I feel my job is secure
  4. I plan on continuing my career with COMPANY for at least 2 more years
What should COMPANY…
What are the 3 BEST THINGS about working at COMPANY?
  • Growth / Opportunities
  • My Manager
  • Benefits
  • Recognition / Feedback
  • Location
  • Co-workers
  • Leadership
  • Job Security
  • Hours / Work-life Balance
  • Nature of Work
  • Mission
  • Pay
  • Work Environment
  • Diversity
  • Training / Support
  • Other – Please Specify
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