Employee Exit/Offboarding Surveys are an important part of your offboarding process as they provide valuable feedback and insights from exiting employees.
By implementing a customized survey, it will help tailor the offboarding experience, identify areas for improvement, and enhance employee engagement.
Our team of experts is standing by to customize your Employee Exit Survey to cater to your organization’s unique requirements.


Below are our recommended Employee Exit/Offboarding Survey Questions

1) How likely would you be to recommend our organization as a place to work?

2) Please identify the reasons for your departure:

  •  New Job
  •  Moving/Relocating
  •  Termination/Dismissal
  •  Retiring
  •  Family Circumstances
  •  Internal Transfer
  •  Returning to School
  •  Self-Employment
  •  Other:_________
Job Role

3) I enjoyed my job / role

4) My skills were being utilized properly

5) My work allowed me to enhance my skills

6) I was provided with realistic expectations & goals

Work Environment

7) Facilities (Physical Environment)

8) Work Schedule (hours, shifts, workdays, etc.)

9) Work Environment (Positive & Friendly)

10) Day-to-Day Stress Levels

11) Department/Branch Morale

Compensation & Benefits

12) Your Base Salary

13) Your Benefits Package (Medical, Dental, Vision, Life
Insurance, Disability, Tuition, 401k, etc.)

14) Your Holidays and Paid Time-Off

Learning & Development

15) Proper training was provided for your role

16) There were opportunities to learn & grow

17) There were opportunities for career advancement

My Direct Supervisor

18) Explained what was expected

19) Regularly discussed your performance

20) Recognized efforts and achievements

21) Encouraged you to learn and grow

22) Had a sincere interest in your well-being

Overall Experience

23) COMPANY Overall

24) Your Department

25) Your Supervisor/Manager

26) Your Co-workers

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