Below is a sample Employee Onboarding/Entrance Survey with key themes to enhance your strategy.

We will work with you to customize the Employee Onboarding questions to suit your organization’s needs.

Sample Employee Onboarding/Entrance Survey

1) How likely would you be to recommend our organization as a place to work?

Net Promoter Scale

2) How likely would you be to recommend our products or services?

Net Promoter Scale

3) How were you recruited to your current role?
  •  Employee Referral
  •  Newspaper
  •  Recruitment Website
  •  External Recruitment Agency
  •  Staffing Department
  •  Re-Hire


4) What initially attracted you to seek employment?
  •   Higher Base Salary
  •   Better Training
  •   Career Path/Growth
  •   Closer to Home
  •   Monday to Friday Shifts
  •   Fixed / Set Hours
  •   Work-Life Balance
  •   Benefits Package
  •   Change of Scenery
  •   Different Role/Job
  •   Promotion Opportunities
  •   New Industry
  •   Better Work Culture
  •   Home with Kids at Night
  •   Bonus Structure
  •   More Stable Work
  •   Permanent Full-Time
  •   Other (please specify): ____________________
5) How long did you work for your last employer?
  •  Less than 1 year
  •  1 to 5 years
  •  5 to 10 years
  •  10+ years

Interview Process

6) I am satisfied with the interview & selection process
7) The length of time it took from the time I applied to the time I was hired is appropriate
8) The job described during the interview process is comparable to what I am actually doing
9) The welcome package I received after I accepted my position included helpful information that I needed for joining the organization.
10) The call my manager made to me (soon after I accepted my position) was helpful in my preparation for my first day.

New Hire Orientation

11) How did you receive your “first day” new hire orientation?
    •  Phone call with an HR associate
    •  Meeting with an HR associate
    •  Meeting with my manager
    •  Did not receive any formal orientation
    12) The ‘new hire’ orientation process that I received was useful (applications, interviews, meetings, etc.)
    13) I received a warm welcome from my department/workgroup
    14) I received an appropriate amount of guidance to learn my new role
    15) I was provided the necessary tools to complete my job (i.e. workstation, computer, phone, cellphone, etc.)
    16) I promptly received all necessary information needed to log onto any required systems (passwords, permissions, etc.)
    17) I received my benefits plan / program detail on a timely basis
    18) Would you like to receive any additional information on any of the items below?
    •   Company Pension Plan
    •   Incentive Plans
    •   Vacation and Personal Paid Days
    •   Flexible Benefits Plan (Health, Dental, Group Life Insurance)
    •   Employee Assistance Plan
    19) When you were hired, what % of your skills matched those required to perform your job?
    •  No Match
    •  25% Match
    •  50% Match
    •  75% Match
    •  100% Match

Training & Information

20) My manager provided a well-organized plan for my first week of employment

21) The training program is the proper length
22) I was given an appropriate amount of time (during work hours) to complete all my necessary training activities
23) I have received the training I need to perform my present job effectively
24) My co-workers are willing and able to provide assistance/direction when asked
25) I have received an appropriate amount of training on all general workplace topics & policies (i.e Fire Safety, Code of Conduct, Workplace Harassment, Behavior Management, etc)
26) Which, if any, of the following topics would you have liked further training/information on?
  •   Additional training on products & services
  •   Additional systems training
  •   Additional software training
  •   Additional process and procedures training
  •   Additional technical training
  •   Additional Team Member Program details (ie. Team Member Advantage, Work Perks, Group Home & Auto Insurance etc.)
  •   List of interdepartmental contacts
  •   Nothing, I have all the info I need

Job Specific Role

27) I am aware of what I still need to learn & work on to do my job effectively
28) I had the opportunity to meet with all of the key contacts across the organization (i.e. Business Partners, Health & Safety contacts, HR Contact, etc.)
29) My new manager is approachable
30) My manager clearly explained my goals, objectives, and how my performance is measured
31) My manager/supervisor is an effective leader for our department/business unit
32) I clearly understand the organization’s history, vision, purpose & guiding principles
33) I understand how my work contributes to our organizational success
34) I feel my skills and expertise are being utilized for the success of the department
35) Considering everything, this job/role has met my expectations
36) I plan on continuing my career here for at least 2 more years
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