360 Leadership Surveys are an important part of your employee development strategy as they provide valuable feedback and insights.
By implementing a customized 360 Leadership Survey, it will help identify areas for improvement, and enhance the quality of leadership.
Our team of experts is standing by to customize a 360 Leadership Survey to cater to your organization’s unique requirements.

Below are our recommended 360 Leadership Survey Questions

Please rate EMPLOYEE across the following values:





Thinking & Acting Strategically
  1. Brings potential opportunities and solutions to address identified trends
  2. Consistently bringing to the table information about the external environment, identifying opportunities and areas of exposure
  3. Contributes to the development of the overall vision and strategic plan for the organization
  4. Demonstrates passion and drive for the future
  5. Demonstrates our values and ethics and is a role model to others in this area (Respect, Excellence, Compassion, Integrity, Teamwork)
  6. Translates the organizational strategy into operational plans within their unit guided by the organizational vision
Cultivating Exceptional Teams
  1. Builds a high-performance team by attracting talent and retaining only those who can effectively contribute
  2. Creates an environment where growth and development are a way of life
  3. Holds themselves accountable for their own decisions and conduct, taking responsibility when errors occur instead of blaming others
  4. Self-aware and adjust their coaching style based on the needs of the individual
  5. Sets a positive example for personal responsibility in their work and interaction with others
Collaborating with Partners & Key Stakeholders
  1. Able to attract exceptional partners and resources to the organization
  2. Able to position the organization a trusted advisor with key sectoral decision-makers or influencers
  3. Actively builds and sustains our brand
  4. Builds and sustains inter-departmental partnerships that leverage the expertise of both teams to the benefit of the organization.
  5. Builds and sustains partnerships with external partners to create win-win solutions to the benefit of both organizations
  6. Engages with high value stakeholders to advance our position within the sector
Promoting Innovation and Guiding Change
  1. Accepts failures in order to foster an environment of developing novel solutions
  2. Acts as a leader of positive change while being mindful of the scope and pace of change.
  3. Champions a culture of innovation and continuous improvement
  4. Constructively challenging the status quo.
  5. Encourages bold thinking, informed risk-taking
Achieving Operational Excellence
  1. Delivers results and exceeds expectations while maintaining a healthy and safe work environment
  2. Effective and efficiently manages the financial, technological, and people resources to meet organizational outcomes and governance standards
  3. Makes decisions based on evidence and information
  4. Takes ownership of these decisions and their impact 
Making a Difference
  1. Demonstrates the confidence and courage to embrace only those opportunities that align with the organization strategy
  2. Develops solutions and programs that address real issues and challenges identified through active engagement of stakeholders
  3. Integrates measurement and evaluation methodology into our work to ensure the solutions we generate have a positive impact on clients and community
  4. Leverages COMPANY’s core strengths and strategic positioning to identify areas of true impact
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