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Workplace Satisfaction

Improvements Over the Past Year

Understanding the Issue

This theme measures employees’ perceptions of whether the organization is moving in the right direction. The results reflect how positively employees view any perceived changes over the past year. Changes within the organization may stem from the results of previous Engagement Surveys (see Company will act on the results of the survey) or any other unrelated changes.

Recommended Action Items

Consider implementing the following action items as 
part of your personalized strategy to improve the level
of employee engagement within your team.

To improve, an organization must identify the areas most in need of change. Optimally, it is best to administer an engagement to collect feedback and then review the results to identify areas of opportunity.  Examining the employees’ qualitative feedback can help clarify the rationale behind their numerical ratings. Managers should allot time for 1: 1 debriefing sessions with employees to discuss the results and to gather input about ways to improve the organization.



Develop formal channels to enhance communication and create opportunities to use them. Encourage back and forth dialogue on how productivity, work practices and culture can be improved. Offer different ways to communicate. Not all employees are comfortable sharing their feedback in a 1: 1 or small group setting. Consider using suggestion boxes or a hotline that can be accessed anonymously. Be open and transparent with your employees. Communicate clearly which areas will be the focus of improvement.

Why is this Important?

Employee satisfaction and employee engagement are strongly aligned. When employees believe their workplace has broadly improved, their level of engagement is also likely to improve. Taking overt steps to improve working conditions demonstrates to employees that their feedback matters. When improvements and tangible results are achieved, employees see investments in their success being realized. This helps drive increased commitment and engagement from employees over time.

Factors that Influence

Celebrate successes. Employees appreciate being recognized when they have taken steps to achieve positive breakthroughs in their work. Over time, a number of these small steps can add up to significant improvements in the work environment. Ensure targets and goals are clearly communicated to staff and definitely celebrate when milestones are reached.


+ level of trust between employees and the executive management team

+ fiscal performance of the organization over the past year 

+ results from previous year’s engagement survey 

+ goals of the previous regime


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