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Workplace Satisfaction

Employees Are Valued

Understanding the Issue

This theme measures employees’ perceptions on how they are valued and  appreciated within the organization. Finding value in one’s job role can be more significant than salary, benefits and perks. It is the ideology that one’s work is important to the organization. Providing recognition and rewards are significant ways to recognize the value of your employees. While this topic may relate in many ways to Feedback & Recognition (Employee efforts and achievements are properly recognized), this particular theme focuses on the overall perception of how an organization values its employees as well as its entire workforce.

Recommended Action Items

Consider implementing the following action items as 
part of your personalized strategy to improve the level
of employee engagement within your team.

Provide employees with flexible work schedules as an alternative when giving raises is not a viable option. Whether in the form of flexible work hours, an opportunity to work remotely or compressed work weeks, employees appreciate when their organization values them and are offering a variety of options as to how they may choose to work.



It is important to help employees create relationships within an organization. Whether department specific, interdepartmental or 1:1, it is vital for organizations to instill a culture of teamwork. There can be substantive return of investment for organizations that encourage social activities - group outings/activities outside the office setting so employees can interact as well as zoom activities for those working remotely.

Why is this Important?

The hard work & dedication of employees can ultimately impact the future success of a business. Ensuring that all employees feel valued for their work is paramount to increasing engagement, minimizing staff turnover and ensuring quality deliverables. Valued employees are more likely to remain loyal to their team, manager and the organization, overall.

Factors that Influence

A simple thank you to an employee or colleague can be meaningful and most appreciated. Be open and transparent about the good work performed by others. Look for opportunities to praise work put into finishing a project that is well done and/or completed within tight time constraints. Appreciate the countless steps it takes to complete a project. Providing positive feedback to those involved in the process as it advances from start to finish can go a long way to ensuring employees feel valued.


+  satisfaction & tenure of colleagues

+ prestige & reputation of the company

+ nature of the business

+ employee wages and industry standards


Employees thrive on being recognized for their contributions and seeing their impact. It is equally important to not only reward team oriented goals and successes, but also recognize individuals for their hard work. It is imperative to let individuals know that the work that they have done goes above and beyond what was expected. Let the team understand why you are rewarding individuals and what the standard should be for everyone else.

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