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Workplace Satisfaction

Act on Survey Results

Understanding the Issue

This simple statement reflects how strongly employees believe there is a purpose in providing honest and truthful responses to the survey. High scores represent employees who are confident that management will review the results and implement change in the areas highlighted. Low scores reflect low confidence that changes will be made and the feeling that employee concerns are falling on deaf ears. This theme compliments Improvements Have Been Made in the Past Year.  Rather than measure whether employees have seen improvements over the last year, this reflects the belief that management will act on the results moving forward.

Recommended Action Items

Consider implementing the following action items as 
part of your personalized strategy to improve the level
of employee engagement within your team.

Once reports are distributed to the management team, review the results and identify 3 areas of strengths and 3 areas of opportunities. Thank the team for participating and share high level results so they understand their voices are being heard. Provide a clear outline of next steps and answer any questions that they may have.



Connect with a small group of leaders within the team and have sit-down meetings with each of them (it can be one on one, or small group sessions). Have a conversation on 2-3 areas that can be improved upon. Importantly, do not use feedback sessions as a witch hunt aimed at figuring out who said what in the survey. Take the opportunity to learn from the group about areas that may not have been obvious.

Why is this Important?

This is an important snapshot of how strongly employees believe that change can occur within their organization. A poor result suggests employees believe that issues within the workplace will go unaddressed. This has a negative effect on employee engagement and long-term satisfaction. It is important that organizations strongly communicate their intent to improve and evolve for the better. Employee surveys are effective tools that help underscore the strengths and opportunities of organizations. To receive meaningful results, employees must not only participate but also feel confident their feedback will be acted upon. If management can address pressing issues, employees will feel satisfied their feedback is being heard.

Factors that Influence

Once feedback sessions have been completed, create action plans to address these areas for improvement. Consult with the HR team or fellow colleagues to go over any questions or if any guidance is needed on how to approach certain areas. Lay out a clear plan and communicate these steps to the team to ensure that they are aware that change is coming.


+ decisions of a previous regime 

+ results from a previous survey 

+ flexibility & ease of implementing change on management’s part 

+ honesty & willingness to share feedback from co-workers


Once Action Plans are set up & a clear plan is outlined, it is important to keep employees & departments informed on progress being made. Set up small milestones within the action plans and ensure that these steps are celebrated. Showing even minor improvements within the workplace will go a long way. Continue to set up meetings with employees to discuss if the action plans are steps in the right direction. Do not be afraid to deviate from the plan if the intended actions are not bringing the right/intended solutions.

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