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Workplace Satisfaction

Warm and Friendly Place to Work

Understanding the Issue

This theme focuses on employees’ perceptions of their work environment. It measures how welcoming their place of work is and how their colleagues, managers & leadership affect the culture. The results of this theme give key insights into how positive the culture of the organization is. There is a direct relationship between having a welcoming workplace and maintaining employees’ work-life balance.

Recommended Action Items

Consider implementing the following action items as 
part of your personalized strategy to improve the level
of employee engagement within your team.

Create an atmosphere of open communication where employees understand the organization’s business goals and how to achieve them. Start by ensuring all managers are aligned and committed to open communication. Update communication methods to ensure employees receive vital information about the organization.



Mentor your direct reports by giving instructive feedback on their performance, in a tactful manner. Focus on describing their behaviors rather than passing judgement. Explain the consequences that may result from their unwanted behaviors and give them an opportunity to respond. Suggest ways to improve and communicate trust in their ability to demonstrate positive changes.

Why is this Important?

Employee behavior is the driving force behind the culture of an organization. It is important to focus on employees’ needs to help build a positive culture at the heart of the business. As well as creating a more optomisitc workforce, a warm and friendly place to work fosters creativity and recognition.

Factors that Influence

Set aside time to brainstorm by scheduling regular group workshops and team outings. Encourage employees to reflect on their work practices and to come up with ideas and recommendations to improve existing processes.


+ Communication & Feedback

+ Workplace amenities/facilities

+ Flexibility of schedule

+ Recognition of Achievements


Strategize with senior leadership to develop a recognition program to reward employees. Consider the main objective – is it to boost morale, foster teamwork or encourage timeliness? Be sure to reward employees fairly and consistently. To build a culture that retains top talent, refrain from showing favoritism, praise in a timely manner and recognize accomplishments as they occur.

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