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Workplace Satisfaction

Organizational Pride

Understanding the Issue

This theme measures an employee’s emotional connection to the organization. Organizational pride can be defined as the personal belief of what the company stands for, what its mission statement is and the approach to meet its goal. It is the confidence and the boost in self-esteem employees feel when they are working towards something meaningful; something that will make a difference.
One of the few broad measurements within the survey (see Company is a good place to work), this theme focuses on the organizational impact on the surrounding environment, compared to the impact of the organization on the employee.

Recommended Action Items

Consider implementing the following action items as 
part of your personalized strategy to improve the level
of employee engagement within your team.

Reaffirm the guiding principles of the organization and communicate examples of how they are being applied. Ensure staff are firmly aware of the organization’s mission and leaders walk the walk.



Create a culture of work hard / play hard within the workplace. Promoting activities outside the workplace will help co-workers develop special bonds with each other. Improved relationships within the office improve communication and increase productivity.

Why is this Important?

Employee pride contributes to the overall level of engagement, satisfaction, and connection to the organization. Employees are eager to start the work week at a workplace they feel good about. Organizational pride is associated with reduced turnover, willingness to recommend the organization to others, and greater satisfaction with organizational success. When employers engage their team beyond the traditional methods of compensation and benefits, by offering opportunity and meaningful work, it can lead to greater employee productivity.

Factors that Influence

Encouraging employee discussion on key decisions will help increase self-worth and promote future contributions in the future. Employees working in an environment where their voices are heard will assist in the goal to reach their full potential.


+ mission statement of the organization

+ prestige & reputation of the company

+ nature of the business

+ resources & technology offered


Employees thrive on being recognized for their contributions and seeing the resulting impact. Recognizing and rewarding employees can instill pride that their work in the organization is valued and meaningful. Rewards programs should cover the spectrum from formal initiatives to simple employee shout-outs and thank you emails.

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