Workplace Satisfaction

Action Items & Resources

Organizational Pride

Employee pride contributes to the overall level of engagement, satisfaction, and connection to the organization. Employees are eager to start the work week at a workplace they feel good about. Organizational pride is associated with reduced turnover, willingness to recommend the organization to others, and greater satisfaction with organizational success. When employers engage their team beyond the traditional methods of compensation and benefits, by offering opportunity and meaningful work, it can lead to greater employee productivity.

Warm and Friendly Place to Work

Employee behavior is the driving force behind the culture of an organization. It is important to focus on employees’ needs to help build a positive culture at the heart of the business. As well as creating a more optomisitc workforce, a warm and friendly place to work fosters creativity and recognition.

Act on Survey Results

This is an important snapshot of how strongly employees believe that change can occur within their organization. A poor result suggests employees believe that issues within the workplace will go unaddressed. This has a negative effect on employee engagement and long-term satisfaction. It is important that organizations strongly communicate their intent to improve and evolve for the better. Employee surveys are effective tools that help underscore the strengths and opportunities of organizations. To receive meaningful results, employees must not only participate but also feel confident their feedback will be acted upon. If management can address pressing issues, employees will feel satisfied their feedback is being heard.

Employees Are Valued

The hard work & dedication of employees can ultimately impact the future success of a business. Ensuring that all employees feel valued for their work is paramount to increasing engagement, minimizing staff turnover and ensuring quality deliverables. Valued employees are more likely to remain loyal to their team, manager and the organization, overall.

Improvements Over the Past Year

Employee satisfaction and employee engagement are strongly aligned. When employees believe their workplace has broadly improved, their level of engagement is also likely to improve. Taking overt steps to improve working conditions demonstrates to employees that their feedback matters. When improvements and tangible results are achieved, employees see investments in their success being realized. This helps drive increased commitment and engagement from employees over time.