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What kind of employee satisfaction survey benchmarks are available?

Employee satisfaction survey benchmarks are a great way to show progress within a company, and to measure where you are now compared to where you were before.

The types of employee satisfaction survey benchmarks largely depend on what your company goals are set up to reflect. Are you trying to implement change now or in the future? Are you attempting to gauge the progress of an existing program, such as an employee retention initiative? Perhaps you’re curious about how new hires are progressing within your company, as compared to long term/existing employees.

Specifically, if you’re developing a long range plan for company change, then employee satisfaction survey benchmarks are essential to not only measuring progress, but also discovering if your programs are effective or not.

Employee satisfaction survey benchmarks are fantastic methods of learning more about your employees and their satisfaction levels. But that concept begs the question: what kinds of employee satisfaction survey benchmarks are even available? More succinctly, what criteria should these employee satisfaction survey benchmarks measure?

The key focus when using these benchmarks is to compare not just similar data, but the exact same data over time. You’re not tracking the various trends within a set of questions; you’re looking at the rise and fall of certain responses. For example, these benchmarks wouldn’t tell you that your employees now prefer oranges instead of apples for a quick snack. What they would tell you is that 30% of the surveyed population wanted an orange last year instead of an apple, and that this year 35% would prefer an orange over an apple.

Perhaps, as an employer, you’ve started providing fruit to your employees in the break room. Thanks to this benchmark comparison, you now know that more employees would prefer an orange to an apple so you can adjust your fruit purchase order accordingly.

This example is an accurate representation of how employee satisfaction survey benchmarks can affect your overall business. The amount of money you’re spending on providing fruit may shift since the increase in demand went up, according to the reported benchmark. Employee satisfaction survey benchmarks therefore have power with the decision makers.

According to Business Insider, Google employees listed some of their favorite perks for working for the tech giant. One of the top reasons was the never-ending, free food. With such a forward-thinking company like Google at the helm, you can bet that they surveyed their employees regarding satisfaction, and that they tracked the results using benchmarks to see what was working as well as what was not working.

The types of employee satisfaction survey benchmarks available are limitless. Whatever your long-term goals include, provided that you’ve asked the same types of questions over at least two surveys, you can set these benchmarks to track how your goals are being recognized.

Benchmarks aren’t meant to just track yes and no answers, although they can certainly do that. Employee satisfaction survey benchmarks are meant to be used as a tool to extract even more comparison data from your employees, which in turn, can ultimately affect positive change within the company.

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