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Learning, Development & Promotions Questions In An Employee Attitude Survey

Learning, development and promotions questions comprise one of several sections of an employee attitude survey that address employee engagement and workplace dynamics. The section should typically cover all things integral to employee learning, development and promotions, such as training practices, the potential for upward mobility and the opportunity to learn and grow within a position. The importance of a comprehensive learning, development and promotions section cannot be stressed enough – how your organization’s employees perform in this area is directly related to the overall success of the company.

In short, learning, development and promotions questions determine employee satisfaction by examining the growth of an individual within a company. And, more importantly, it examines an individual’s perception of their growth within a company. Even if management believes it is doing enough to foster learning, development and promotions, progress can’t be made unless employees believe the same.

So, what do good learning, development and promotions questions look like? The following questions from Flex Surveys’ Full 100 employee attitude survey are good examples:

1) ABC Company offers me the necessary training to do my job well

2) ABC Company is interested in developing employees

3) Our organization provides opportunities for career advancement

4) Job competitions are open and fair to all qualified internal applicants

These questions are appropriate because they independently address each area of employee growth within an organization. Question 1 looks at learning by asking employees if they feel they are adequately trained to take on the responsibilities that their job entails. Question 2 relates to development, asking staff if they feel that their company sees developing employees as a priority. Questions 3 and 4 tackle promotions by asking if the selection process for positions within the organization is fair.

Learning, development and promotions questions in an employee attitude survey that are direct and specific help cut down on irrelevant data, and allow you to get straight to the important issues that are affecting these things within your organization. Flex Surveys enables this by offering fully customizable employee attitude surveys. This means that you can design the learning, development and promotions section of your survey in any way you’d like.

Here’s how we’ll customize your learning, development and promotions questions.

First, we’ll begin by basing your survey off of one of our own employee attitude survey templates (such as our Full 100) before tailoring it to your unique work environment. We do this for a few reasons. First of all, using one of our employee attitude surveys as a template ensures that your survey will comply with industry standards. It’s also a way for us to make sure that your soon-to-be customized survey has the questions that are necessary for benchmarking so when we analyze your results, we can look at aspects both inside and outside your company that are affecting learning, development and promotions. Finally, we do this to make sure that your survey will include the main topics of an employee attitude survey.

After the process, we’ll schedule a meeting with you and ask questions about your organization. This is when the customization happens. Based on the information you provide, as well as the size of your organization, what industry it’s in and who its competitors are, we will tailor learning, development and promotions questions to fit your needs.

To view our three employee attitude survey questionnaires, click the links: Pulse 15, Flex 50, Full 100.

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