Incorporating Past Employee Attitude Survey Results in a New Survey

The time and money you put into deploying an employee attitude survey is not just a short-term investment. Rather, the responses you collected on your employee attitude survey can continue to be of use to you and your organization in the months and years to come.

Employee attitude surveys are a snapshot of a particular point in time in your organization. Therefore, it is expected that attitudes will change over time—hopefully for the better as a result of the data from your survey. This means that you should issue a new employee attitude survey on an annual or semi-annual basis. You can also roll out shorter surveys on a more frequent basis, depending on your current corporate environment (e.g., downsizing, mergers).

The beauty of conducting employee attitude surveys on a frequent basis is that you always have relevant results to incorporate into your next survey. For example, a past employee attitude survey may have revealed that workers were unhappy with communication between upper management and their departments. In this case, you would definitely want to include questions on this topic on your next employee attitude survey.