Why This Is a Great Time to Run an Employee Engagement Survey

Managing your team through a period of charged social tensions and a global pandemic is surely challenge enough for most leaders. As such, reinvesting in your employee engagement strategy may seem an especially daunting idea right now. Perhaps surprisingly, this is an excellent time for leadership to pivot towards culture and engagement.

Knowledgeable employers recognize that an employee engagement survey is not a contest where success is measured simply by a high score. They know engagement surveys are tools to examine their organizations. Used correctly they can discover the truths about how employees feel in their roles and what is helping or hurting their sense of commitment to their work. A difficult period is actually a great time to uncover where employees are struggling and identify what areas are thriving.

A Perfect Storm For Understanding Employee Engagement

The benefits of increased employee engagement are well understood and a key metric for many organizations. So much so, that employee engagement surveys often focus on achieving ever higher employee engagement scores. This can lead to timing surveys for when staff are least stressed and more likely to report overall satisfaction. The results may be impressive, but they are not illustrative of how employees engage with their work day-to-day.

During a crisis, employee stresses and organizational weak spots are more likely to be laid bare. This ma