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Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions Related To Communication / Teamwork

If you want to run a successful business that grows consistently throughout the years, you need to make sure your business has a strong focus on communication and teamwork. Your employees should want to come into work, which means they should enjoy working with everyone else on the team. And the only way to really find out whether or not your employees feel this way is to ask communication / teamwork questions in your employee satisfaction survey.

Since communication / teamwork is one of the key factors that determines the success of your business, Flex Surveys Full 100 employee satisfaction survey questionnaire comes with a fairly long section on the topic. Each question focuses on a different aspect of communication / teamwork so that together the answers can give you a proper picture of what teamwork and communication look like in your business.

So what questions do we ask in order to determine the level of communication / teamwork within your business?

Like many other sections of our Full 100 employee satisfaction survey, the questions about communication / teamwork tend to look a lot more like statements. Employees are given the opportunity to “agree” or “disagree” with the statements given.

An example statement we might use in the communication / teamwork section of your employee satisfaction survey is “My department focuses on finding solutions to problems instead of placing blame”. This is important because employees who are always worried about being blamed and scolded for every minor mess up will be more afraid to try new things that might help your business move further forward.

Each statement is designed to focus on a different aspect of communication / teamwork within your business—how small teams within the overall business works, how your employees feel about communication throughout the business as a whole, whether or not your employees can see the bigger picture of where your business is going.

Can I customize this section of my employee satisfaction survey?

One of the greatest things about our employee satisfaction surveys is that they’re completely customizable. You can change whatever you like, whether it is the wording of a specific question or all/some of the questions within a given section.

That said, you might want to be careful just how much you try to change your employee satisfaction survey from the original Full 100 template. Our questions—in the communications / teamwork section and every other section—have proven success in the many different employee satisfaction surveys we have implemented. Expert advice can yield the results you are looking for. Can you trust that your own questions can be as effective?

Of course, you can readily customize your employee satisfaction survey to match your business needs. Simply arrange a time to speak with us about the questions you’re considering adding to the communications / teamwork section of your employee satisfaction survey to ensure they are a ‘good fit’.

To learn more about how Flex Surveys can help customize your employee engagement survey questionnaire, please visit our website at Employee Attitude Surveys.

Feel free to free to contact us at 877.327.5085.

If you would like to request a demo, reach out to us on our Contact Us Page.

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