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Employee Satisfaction Survey Packages: What to Look For

Conducting an employee satisfaction survey can help you create an effective strategy for improving your company. That’s an important step, so with all the time that you’re putting into the experience, you want to make sure that the employee satisfaction survey packages you’re considering come with everything you need to get successful results.

Employee satisfaction survey packages should include more than just administering the survey. Good employee survey satisfaction packages include consultation, orientation, reporting and feedback so you get the smoothest experience and the best results possible.

Does It Include Set-Up?

You want to make sure that you get all the information you need when you pick employee satisfaction survey packages. Getting the survey is great, however you want to make sure that you have the process organized and planned before you go ahead with your survey.

At Flex Surveys, we have a consultation period where we dialogue with you to find out your needs, wants, and what you want to gain from conducting a survey. We design your survey and have it ready to send out in our employee satisfaction survey packages.

Can I Customize My Survey?

Some survey companies may charge extra fees if you want to make any changes to their template. Having a standard template is one way to conduct a survey, however every business is different and has different wants and needs. There isn’t one template or a given employee satisfaction survey package that fits every client.

At Flex Surveys, we want to make sure you get what you need out of your survey, so all of our employee satisfaction survey packages include the opportunity for our clients to give feedback, to develop their own survey questions, and even use their own survey questionnaire and template, if desired.

What’s the Timeframe?

Employee satisfaction survey packages should include a reasonable timeframe to make sure that you get as many responses as possible to guarantee relevant results.

At Flex Surveys, we allot 2 weeks for the survey time in our employee satisfaction survey packages. We’ve found that this is enough time to get a high participation rate. During this timeframe, we provide you with daily reports on your response rate and send reminders to your staff to ensure they complete the survey.

What Will the Reports Look Like?

It’s helpful for employee satisfaction survey packages to include reports that compile the results in an informative and readable way so you can see and understand your results.

Our reports are comprised of breakout segments that are defined based on job title, department, amount of time at the company, and anything else that makes employees similar or different from each other. This is to ensure that your results and reports are in a context that makes sense. Not only do Flex Surveys’ employee satisfaction survey packages include these reports, we’ll also help you through the analysis to create a feasible action plan that’ll help improve both your company and employee satisfaction.

To learn more about how Flex Surveys can help customize your employee engagement survey questionnaire, please visit our website at Employee Attitude Surveys.

Feel free to free to contact us at 877.327.5085.

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