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Supervisor (Soft Skills) Questions in Your Employee Engagement Survey

Learn how to establish your company’s supervisor (soft skills) with supervisor (soft skills) questions in your employee engagement survey.

Addressing how your management staff gets along with your employees on non-work related issues is just as important as considering their management skills in your employee engagement survey. Flex Surveys includes supervisor (soft skills) questions in an employee engagement survey to see how your managers interact with their employees on a personal level.

Topics Included in Supervisor (Soft Skills) Questions

Questions in the supervisor (soft skills) section of your employee engagement survey address how your managers interact with staff when not giving job-related information or direction. The supervisors (soft skills) questions are designed to see how your managers connect with their staff, if they take an interest in them on a personal level, and to see if they treat their staff equally. These questions are also designed to see how your managers and supervisors lead by example in terms of good work habits and excellent customer service.

Here are some questions from the supervisor (soft skills) section in an employee engagement survey:

  • My supervisor instills a strong commitment to quality excellence and customer service

  • My supervisor shows a genuine interest in the employees in my department

  • Employees are treated with fairness and an even hand

  • My supervisor properly applies personnel policies and/or procedures

  • My supervisor has a sincere interest in my well-being

How to Tailor the Supervisor (Soft Skills) Questions for My Company

The supervisor (soft skills) section of your employee engagement survey is fully customizable with Flex Surveys, to make sure that you get a report that answers the questions you have about your organization, and to suit your company structure.  Just like no two companies are the same, no two surveys are the same. The supervisor (soft skills) questions may be modified for your company, and may vary depending on the size, industry and structure of your company.

Company Size – If you’re a large company with a lot of managers, you may have more supervisor (soft skills) questions to ensure that every department gets a chance review their supervisor’s soft skills. Smaller companies with fewer managers may have less supervisor (soft skills) questions since they have fewer managers.

Multiple Departments and Locations – You can have more that one supervisor (soft skills) section based on the number of departments, branches, and locations that your company has. Since these departments and locations all run differently, the number of supervisor (soft skills) questions in your employee engagement survey may vary as well.

Industry and Company Policies – Your company’s industry or workplace set-up may inform how much your managers actually interact with your employees. If it’s not as often, you may notice that the supervisor (soft skills) section of your employee engagement survey is shorter than a company whose managers have daily contact with or who work directly with employees. Certain creative industries that are more collaborative have more manager-employee interaction and work, and may put more value on how their managers and staff get along on a personal level. In those cases, the supervisor (soft skills) questions may be more in-depth.

Why the Supervisor (Soft Skills) Section is Important to Your Employee Engagement Survey

The supervisor (soft skills) questions provide an outline of the relationship between your staff and supervisors. Having happy employees means more than just being engaged in their work; it also considers how they feel about the work environment you’ve created, whether there is a work-life balance, and whether they feel respected and valued at your company by your managing staff. Happy and engaged employees will be more committed to their work, your company, and will go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction, so your company stays productive and competitive.

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