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The Differences Between Our 3 Employee Attitude Survey Templates

At Flex Surveys, we like to provide our customers with a choice of employee attitude survey templates.

It’s one of the reasons that we are known and praised for our flexibility.

The different employee attitude survey templates we offer can be adapted to fit the exact needs of any organization; whatever your organization’s size or reach, one of our employee attitude survey templates will be right for you.

Flex 15 The Flex 15 is the shortest of our employee attitude survey templates – it takes only around five minutes to complete. This employee attitude survey works best for small companies whose employees operate in fast-paced environment, as it is quick and easy to complete. As a pulse survey, the Flex 15 is meant to give management a quick, high-level view of employee attitude, satisfaction and productivity. It provides a broad overview of the various areas of an organization.

This survey is a great choice because of its ease of implementation and high response rates. It can easily be administered with a smartphone and, because it is so short, participation rates are generally very high. That being said, the Flex 15 employee attitude survey provides only general guidelines for an organization, so if you determine any serious workplace issues through this survey, be aware that addition steps will have to taken to address these issues with your employees, such as focus groups or department meetings.

*To view our Flex 15 survey template, click here

*To download the PDF version of our Flex 15 survey, click here

Flex 50 The Flex 50 is the most popular option of our employee attitude survey templates. It covers all the main points of employee engagement. A major reason the Flex 50 employee attitude survey is so popular is because it is tailored for companies of all sizes, across all industries. It provides a higher level of detail than the Flex 15, offering insight into the details and drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction. This provides greater context for formulating workplace action plans. It is also easy to implement – it’s perfect for mobile phones and tablets – and takes only about 10 or 15 minutes to complete. The typical length of this survey varies between 40-60 questions.

*To view our Flex 50 survey template, click here

*To download the PDF version of our Flex 50 survey, click here

Flex 100 – The Flex 100 is the largest and most comprehensive of our employee attitude survey templates. It is ideal for mid-to-large sized companies, where senior management may not get many opportunities to interact directly with their employees. It is also a good option for organizations that operate across multiple industries or that have diverse employee departments, as the in-depth nature of this employee attitude survey provides extremely detailed insights and granular information for all employee groups. Due to the length of this survey (it will take 20 minutes or more for employees to complete), we recommend providing employees with work time to complete the survey. If you are concerned that the length of the Flex 100 employee attitude survey may negatively affect participation rates, we can work with you to adjust the length to suit your needs.

*To view our Flex 100 survey template, click here

*To download the PDF version of our Flex 100 survey, click here

All of our questionnaires cover the main issues surrounding employee engagement, comply with industry standards and contain the questions necessary for benchmarking. And remember, we can always include custom questions that are specific to your organization.

Contact Flex Surveys today to get your company started on one of our employee attitude survey templates!

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