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Cheat Sheet: Best Employee Engagement Survey Questions

In the early stages of planning an employee engagement survey, a common question arises concerning the nature of the questions. Specifically, management wants to use the best employee engagement survey questions to give them the data they want. However, before considering the best employee engagement survey questions, a bit of preliminary information must be first considered. It is vital to understand that anytime a term like “best” is used; there is a lot of subjectivity involved. Naturally what is best for a small startup in California may not work at all for a global organization such as Exxon Mobile. In other words, there is no one size fits all solution. The best employee engagement survey questions are affected by factors such as the size of your organization, the employee culture, management style, etc. That being said, there are questions to include that may be more likely than not to generate the most useful responses. These questions are in no particular order:

  1. How do you feel about coming to work each morning?

  2. Rate on the following scale how much your immediate manager/supervisor inspires you.

  3. Which describes the number of days you want to come into work versus the number of days you DON’T want to.

  4. Choose from the following words to describe how you feel about coming to work: list words.

  5. I feel proud to tell people where I work.

  6. I have the tools I need to perform my job effectively.

  7. I have ample opportunities to contribute to those decisions that affect me directly.

  8. I understand how my role/position contributes to achieving business outcomes.

  9. I trust the information I receive from my immediate manager/supervisor.

  10. My manager values the work I do.

As you can see from the above examples, these questions are directly requesting feedback from the employees on a personal level. An important consideration when working to setup the best employee engagement survey questions is to avoid Yes-No type questions. The challenge with soliciting a yes-no response is that you are left with no meaningful results. You may identify a problem area but at the same time could be missing out on the key details needed to make a meaningful change.

Conclusion: The best employee engagement survey questions are the questions that are most applicable to your organization. Use the above as a starting point. Remember to tweak them to fit your company. To learn more how Flex Surveys can help customize your employee engagement survey questionnaire, please visit our website at Employee Attitude Surveys. Feel free to free to contact us at 877.327.5085. If you would like to request a demo, reach out to us on our Contact Us Page.

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