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The Case for Online Team Building

Given the change in working conditions since the pandemic, now, more than ever, companies are trying to find ways to engage employees who are required to work remotely. For many, one question that comes to mind is, “How can I sustain levels of motivation, productivity and engagement among my remote workers?”

Employee engagement and morale can suffer during extended periods of remote work. Physical distancing can lead to feelings of isolation for employees not accustomed to working remotely. Remote employees can also develop feelings of being left out which manifest as decreased comfort levels when working on joint projects with coworkers.

Studies indicate that when remote workers feel lonely, isolated, or unsupported, a virtual team building activity can refresh their sense of belonging to a team.

A recent study shows that an overwhelming 72% of workers feel less connected to their teams and projects since working remotely. Leaders have come to realize that teambuilding activities are powerful tools to help improve both the collaboration and team culture of their remote workers.

Effective use of virtual team building activities can go a long way to helping organizations bolster engagement levels of employees working remotely. This is critically important, as employee engagement increases, so do the levels of employee performance and retention.

In addition, virtual teambuilding activities can:

  • · Increase job satisfaction

  • · Promote friendships

  • · Align everyone to the same vision & goals

  • · Improve relationships between managers & direct reports

Setting time aside to engage remote workers in team building activities yields a multitude of long-term benefits. Regularly scheduled online activities can provide an infusion of fun and help create a sense of team for remote workers, ultimately improving company culture.

Organizations that invest in virtual team building tend to have workforces that are more creative, more productive as well as communicate more effectively.

It is important to provide remote workers with diversions to liven up their workday. Remember, they are spending long hours working on their own. Create fun opportunities for team members to work together collaboratively. Take the time to ensure the activities you choose are interactive and engaging. There are a variety of games and activities that can be introduced to team calls.

Collaboration and execution improves when employees build rapport and become comfortable communicating with one another. Compared to an office environment, this may require more direct implementation to achieve. With proper investment, virtual teambuilding activities can tangibly improve an organization’s collaboration and effectiveness.


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